Steinsland Berliner

Anastasia Ax, The world as of yesterday, 2019, performance piece, part of group exhibition Fragmented Realities at Göteborgs Konsthall.
Photo by Hendrik Zeitler. Courtesy the artist, Göteborgs Konsthall and Gallery Steinsland Berliner

Ylva Carlgren (SE, b. 1984)
Anastasia Ax (SE, b. 1979)
Hanna Hansdotter (SE, b. 1984)

Gallery Steinsland Berliner showcases work by Swedish artists Anastasia Ax, Ylva Carlgren and Hanna Hansdotter. In their own way and through different mediums, these artists explore material and method, sharing a work process that relies on great personal technical aptitude and constant physical closeness to the material being manipulated.

Anastasia Ax’s (often performative) installations explore themes such as violence, oppression, and chaos through inherently non-confrontational materials such as paper and plaster.

Ylva Carlgren has developed a style of non-figurative painting, that feels calm yet immensely powerful, by considered practice and extensive studies in material composition and traditional painting techniques.

Hanna Hansdotter works with glass, a medium both frail and strong with historically multi-faceted connotations.

Gallery Steinsland Berliner
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Behind the scenes


A conversation between artist Ylva Carlgren and her gallerist Jeanette Steinsland about the relationship between a gallerist and an artist plus a tour around Carlgren’s studio showing work in progress for CHART 2020