NEVVEN is a non-profit hybrid art space conjoining a gallery and a publicly funded art organisation, located in Gothenburg since 2015. Founded and directed by curator Mattia Lullini & artist Alina Vergnano, NEVVEN promotes an intersectional perspective on the contemporary European art scene.

Giorgio Celin (CO)

Giorgio Celin’s vibrant figurative paintings stem from his idiosyncratic living experiences, fantasies and memories, and explore themes of migration, belonging, queerness, intimacy and nostalgia. Characterised by bold figures and vivid colours, Celin’s canvases effortlessly capture and offer an alternative narrative to the stories of the Latinx diaspora.

Giorgio Celin (b. 1986, Barranquilla) has exhibited his work at Eve Leibe Gallery (London, 2022 and 2021), Galerie Kornfeld (Berlin, 2022), Untitled Art Fair (Miami Beach, 2022), Art Busan (2022), and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (2019) among others. Celin lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

El malecón

Oil on canvas, 130 x 90 cm

Courtesy of the artist and NEVVEN


Gin Tonic en el Madame Jasmine

Oil on canvas, 94 x 68 cm

Courtesy of the artist and NEVVEN


Pájaros del Atlántico V

Oil on linen, 140 x 88 cm

Courtesy of the artist and NEVVEN


Hedgehog's Dilemma

Oil on canvas, 157 x 127 cm

Courtesy of the artist and NEVVEN


“Telling under-represented stories with intimacy and honesty, Giorgio Ermes Celin’s art ‘exists thanks to a never-ending migratory journey’.”

Liz Gorny about Giorgio Celin’s practice, published on It’s Nice That.

Giorgio Celin, Back to the Road, Back to the Blues, 2021

All images courtesy of the artist and NEVVEN