OSL contemporary (NO)

OSL contemporary was established in 2011 by Emilie Magnus in a former fire station in Oslo’s West End. With an aim to promote contemporary artists in an international context, as well as developing their Norwegian positions, the program has a focus on Nordic artists - or artists with a strong relation to the region. With an emphasis on conceptual art, the gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists; all of whom have done big Nordic museum, or institutional exhibitions, as well as several of whom have participated in internationally renowned exhibitions such as: Documenta; Manifesta; The Venice Biennale; The Liverpool Biennial; The Istanbul Biennial; The Sao Paulo Biennial; The Lyon Biennial; and Momentum – the Nordic Art Festival.

Curated for

For CHART 2022, OSL contemporary is proud to present a selection of works on paper by the artist Thorbjørn Sørensen. These watercolours demonstrate focused depictions of the natural world, where visual details executed with confident technical precision demand the viewer’s gaze and fullest attention.

Thorbjørn Sørensen (NO)

Thorbjørn Sørensen works at the intersection between naturalistic watercolors, figurative paintings and fully abstract compositions. Motifs are often inspired by day-to-day life and overlooked scenes or unnoticed objects. The works are distinctly relaxed and playful but at the same time maintain a strong and subtle relationship to the history of painting.

Thorbjørn Sørensen (b. 1961, Oslo; NO) lives and works in Oslo and was educated at the National College of Arts and Crafts (1982-1986) and the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo (1987 - 1991). His work has been the subject of exhibitions at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (NO); KODE (NO) and Stenersenmuseet (NO). Sørensen has been the recipient of the Carnegie Art Award and has an upcoming solo exhibition at OSL contemporary (NO). Sørensen’s works are included in the permanent collections of The National Museum of Norway (NO); Astrup Fearnley Museet (NO); KODE (NO); Arts Council Norway (NO); The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NO); Equinor (NO) and Nordea (NO).


Oil on canvas

Courtesy of the artist

Campingbord med duk

Oil on canvas, 112 x 95 cm

Courtesy of the artist


Watercolours on Arches 640 gsm, 76 x 56 cm

Courtesy of the artist

Død flaggspett

Watercolours on Arches 640 gsm, 101,6 x 152,4 cm, 111,5 x 162 cm framed

Courtesy of the artist


Thorbjørn Sørensen, Installation view at OSL contemporary