Sustainability is an important issue for art fairs and the entire art world. CHART is committed to reducing our environmental impact as well as using our platform to encourage wider change across the art world and inspire sustainably conscious actions for all our touch points.

CHART is an Active Member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC). Please read our Environmental Responsibility Statement here.

If you are interested to hear more, please contact our green representative:

CHART 2023

Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Our Strategy

Together with the international climate coalition Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) and an internal sustainability representative, CHART is developing immediate and long-term initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as helping our galleries and collectors reduce their carbon emissions in their year-round activities including attending the fair.

CHART has already taken steps in:

  • Joining the Gallery Climate Coalition and pledging to at least halve our carbon emissions by 2030
  • Establishing online curator meetings annually in spring, to foster networking opportunities across the international art sector in settings that do not require physical meetings.
  • Annually calculating our carbon footprint, to track progress.
  • Limiting staff travel and travelling via land when possible.
  • Promoting conscious travel to our stakeholders.
  • Actively communicating our goal to adhere to sustainable shipping practices with our freight handlers and exhibitors in collaboration with the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC).
  • Aiming to ensure that all our printed materials are reusable or curbside recyclable as far as possible, as a step towards zero-waste operations by 2030.
  • Replacing print products with digital communication tools wherever possible. Additionally prioritising to work with local partners for the remaining printed matter in use and prioritise sustainably sound paper.

"With our focus on the Nordic region we distinguish ourselves from other art fairs by limiting the geographical area from which invited galleries must travel to attend. This reduces the overall air traffic when transporting artworks, gallery staff, and other immediate stakeholders to the fair."

Julie Quottrup Silbermann

Director of CHART

UBS x CHART – Responsible Collecting and Philanthropy, talk at CHART 2023

Photo by Joakim Züger / BARSK Projects

CHART 2023 Installation at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Our Activities

Building and fair operations

  • CHART takes place in the permanent location of Kunsthal Charlottenborg in the inner city of Copenhagen. The permanence of the location avoids temporary builds normally associated with building art fairs.

  • Waste is managed by the municipality of Copenhagen and follows the governmental recycling demands.

  • We are actively pursuing structural modifications to Charlottenborg to reduce energy consumption when regulating Charlottenborg's temperature during the fair in August. Instead of relying on energy-intensive air conditioning systems, we are prioritising sustainability by applying a reflective water-soluble paint to the glass window sealing. This approach minimises the need for excessive external electrical power consumption.

  • We work closely together with the freight company HIZKA whose services include sustainable art logistics, and who embrace the key sustainable principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ in their shipping practices

Ethical partnerships

Being a non-profit organisation we rely heavily on the support provided by partners and foundations and therefore prioritise partnering with businesses with environmentally responsible practices.

  • We only serve food and drinks by local partners assuring a shortened supply chain.

  • All over food and drinks partners offer multiple vegetarian and vegan options to reduce overall meat consumption.

  • Where feasible non-disposable tableware is provided, alternatively biodegradable and compostable products are in use.

  • We provide educational opportunities for exhibitors through workshops with our sustainability collaborator GCC to extend knowledge on sustainability issues and empower them to make environmentally sustainable choices both during the fair and in their daily operations.

Transportation Partner HIZKIA during installation of CHART 2023

Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

CHART Architecture

  • Our annual competition, CHART Architecture, promotes the development of innovative and sustainable building practices. It invites architects through an open call to make proposals for constructions to be built in Charlottenborg's courtyard, demanding functionality and sustainability, with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable building practices.

  • We urge knowledge creation within sustainable building practices and in 2024, we're enhancing this initiative by providing workshops for participating architects in collaboration with Arup, an engineering company renowned for its expertise in circular and sustainable building materials and methods. These workshops aim to enrich architects' existing knowledge and skills in crafting environmentally conscious constructions.

  • All architectural structures receive an afterlife, and are built using reusable materials, to minimise material waste. In 2023 all constructions received an afterlife in different locations throughout Denmark.

Image of 'Petal' from CHART Architecture 2023

Photo by Joakim Züger / BARSK Projects

"For CHART Architecture 2024, we encourage all applicants to foreground ideas of functionality and sustainability, emphasising that the final structure must be easy to dismantle and reinstall in a new context."

Julie Quottrup Silbermann

Director of CHART

Courtyard Partner Rouge Oysters during CHART 2023

Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Courtyard Partner Calma during CHART 2023

Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev