Edition Copenhagen

Mamma Andersson, Munk, 2017, original lithograph, printed on 300g Velin d’Arches paper, 82,5 x 69 cm. 50 ex. numbered and signed by the artist.
Photo by Lars Gundersen. Courtesy the artist and Edition Copenhagen

Mamma Andersson (SE, b. 1962), Andrea Büttner (DE, b. 1972), Rina Banerjee (IN/US, b. 1963), Dominique Gonzales-Foerster (FR, b. 1965), Katharina Grosse (DE, b. 1961), Mona Hatoum (PS, b. 1952), Carmen Herrera (Cuban-American, b. 1915), Candida Höfer (GE, b. 1944), Chantal Joffe (UK, b. 1969), Wangechi Mutu (KE, b. 1972), Elizabeth Peyton (US, b. 1965), Chiharu Shiota (JP, b.1972), Katharina Sieverding (Czech Republic / Germany, b. 1944)

Edition Copenhagen presents a large selection of well established artists who have worked with Edition Copenhagen throughout the years. The vision of Edition Copenhagen is to create a safe haven, where artists can work freely to continue developing the printing process and sustain the knowledge of lithography as a unique tool of artistic expression. All of the artists presented as a part of this year’s CHART have exhibited widely in leading galleries, contemporary art centres and museums around the world.

Behind the scenes

Take a look inside Edition Copenhagen. Here you will see their work in process.


Here is a small look at Mamma Andersson while she is working at some of her art