Benedikte Bjerre

CHART in Tivoli 2023

Benedikte Bjerre, Thrive, 2023. Epoxy coated aluminium. Courtesy of the artist, palace enterprise, Copenhagen and CHART in Tivoli 2023

Photo: Jan Søndergaard

About The Work

For CHART in Tivoli 2023, Benedikte Bjerre will exhibit ‘Thrive,’ a new sculptural work that facilitates a close dialogue between itself, Tivoli’s architectural features and the careful arrangement of all of the features within Tivoli Gardens. Responding to the buildings, rides and to the specific plants growing throughout the park, Bjerre is occupied with the idea of Tivoli as a miniature landscape placed amongst the iconic buildings of inner-Copenhagen.

The work's exaggerated size distorts and mirrors the variations in scale that we experience when moving between Tivoli and the surrounding city. At the same time, the sculpture's flowering motif and size thematize our contemporary obsession with growth and development across all aspects of society.

Portrait of Benedikte Bjerre

Courtesy of palace enterprise

About The Artist

Benedikte Bjerre (b. 1987, Copenhagen; DK) works conceptually with socio-economic phenomena in a versatile practice that focuses on sculpture and installation to reflect on the current state of society.

Concepts that shape our vision of the world, such as distribution, consumption, and desire, form the basis for her playful but serious works. Sculptural qualities are consistently examined in relation to the architecture of a given space. Bjerre’s source material ranges from observations about everyday life to expectations of how viewers will experience their surroundings.

Benedikte Bjerre is represented by palace enterprise.

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