‘All and Everything’ – side by side for the first time, two pieces by Portuguese artist Alexandre Estrela


10 August 2019


CHART 2019

The exhibition ‘All and Everything’ presents, side by side for the first time, two pieces by Portuguese artist Alexandre Estrela: ‘Solar Watch’ and ‘The Golden Record (All and Everything)’. As a prelude Estrela’s upcoming exhibition at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, CHART, Museo Tamayo and Den Frie brings never before seen artworks by Estrela to audiences in Copenhagen.

Alexandre Estrela, The Golden Record (All and Everything) (2017). Photo: Andrea Krull

The exhibition examines how concepts such as time and space are understood through an idiosyncratic standpoint. The pieces convey a new decree of laws that disrupt the common order of things, questioning our perception of certainty by suggesting all variables can be possible, as a new symphony of paradoxical properties.

In the piece The Golden Record (All and Everything), a solar system cast in bronze moves endlessly to the sound of 16 voices. The forced rotation of this monumental disk reveals an invisible object, a ninth planet that collides in its course with mathematically aligned stars and draws an orbit on the surface of the screen. While in Solar Watch, a metal sundial bends a video projection to the presence of its gnomon (the stick of a sun dial); the course of the sun is determined by a shadow, governed by the man-made concept of time, as if hidden was gravitational force symbolising the deviation of the sun.

Both video installations exhibit recurrent traits of Alexandre Estrela’s practice, exhibiting an experimental redistribution of references: from connotations in the titles, unorthodox readings of scientific phenomena and obscure examples of art history; to the images, often sleeping within SD cards for long periods of time, until Estrela sets them in motion making the subject of the image once more autonomous and concrete matter.

Alexandre Estrela, Solar Watch (2006). Photo: Andrea Krull



Alexandre Estrela’s (b. 1971) recent solo exhibitions include Métal Hurlant at Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris; Lua Cão (with João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva), a project initiated in 2017 by Galeria Zé Dos Bois in Lisbon, that traveled to the Kunstverein München, and concluded at La Casa Encendida, Madrid in 2018; Knife in the Water, 2018, at Travesía Cuatro, Madrid; Ouro Mouro, 2018, at the Quetzal Art Centre, Vidigueira, Portugal; Baklite, 2017, at CAV Centro de Artes Visuais, Coimbra, Portugal; Cápsulas de Silencio, 2016, the Fisuras Program at Reina Sofia, Madrid; Roda Lume, 2016, at M HKA, Belgium; Meio Concreto, 2013, at Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal; Um homem entre quatro paredes, 2013, at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil; The Sunspot Circle, 2013, at The Flat Time House, London, UK, among others.

Alexandre Estrela is represented by Galería Travesía Cuatro, Madrid. Some of his future shows taking place in 2019 include: Um Mês Acordado at Indipendenza, Rome; and The Powers of Emotion at Centre Pompidou.