Josefin Jussi Andersson, Klara Ström & Hannah Wiker Wikström

Josefin Jussi Andersson (1987)

Born: Svenarum, Sweden

Lives and works: Oslo, Norway


Klara Ström (1990)

Born: Tanum, Sweden

Lives and works: Gothenburg, Sweden


Hannah Wiker Wikström (1990)

Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Lives and works: Stockholm, Sweden



Performative installation

Various materials


For this exhibition, CHART commissioned a new performance by Josefin Jussi Andersson; she chose to contribute a new performative installation, which is part of her ongoing collaboration with fellow artists, Klara Ström and Hannah Wiker Wikström. Together, their work centers on common research interests. It examines shifts between the individual and the collective as well as issues of normativity concerning gender, sex, body, emotion, psyche, madness, and depression. As a trio, they produced a short film titled, Omslutande/Enfolding (2016) as well as the first draft of the work they will present as part of I Am Our Common Pronoun, titled Vår tids gråterskor  Hjerne, Hjerte, Kjønn/The mourners of our time  Brain, Heart, Sex (2017), a twelve-hour long performance staged publicly earlier this year at Galleri Podium, Oslo. Over the entire duration of the exhibition, the three artists will perform a new work titled, THE NASTY SURPRISE (2017), a performative installation commissioned by CHART with an extended, looping pop song sung over an experiential dramaturgy of performers, objects, and elements of a stage set. The work follows the narrative structure of a pop song: three verses, three refrains, and a bridge, but drawn out and slowed down to span the exhibition’s opening hours before looping. The artists perform live,  using their voices and text to relate each verse to a respective body part: the brain, the heart, and the sex. In the refrain, they make signals to create connections between the body parts. A subtle score builds throughout the performance through the artists’ somatic investigations, searching for new modes of expression while highlighting the performativity of everyday life. The whole performance takes place in an immersive environment filled with platforms and sculptural objects that play on common domestic items. These objects will be amplified through the use of contact microphones and small instruments.


The three body parts that structure the work have a correlation to three selves: the intellectual, the emotional, and the sexual. To this end, THE NASTY SURPRISE integrates costumes (made in collaboration with Liquist), scenography, sound, voice and bodies which transform and move as a whole entity. This constant transformation will impact the energy in the room, sculpting it and locating feelings within the space. Gender, eroticism, and role playing are ways in which we are bound to others through desire. All of these things can be performed and can offer the self or the “I” publicly in order to identify with each other.


On going Performance

A Nasty Surprise

Billedhuggerskolen, Main Room


Friday 1 September 1

6:00 – 20:00


Saturday 2 September

12:00 – 18:00


Sunday 3 september

12:00 – 18:00



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