For CHART 2019 we are delighted to team up with Artproof and host the 2019 Artproof Award


28 August 2019


CHART 2019

This yearArtproof, a service-oriented fine art laboratory working with artists to realise their vision in print, have chosen CHART to host the Artproof Award 2019. CHART is proud to facilitate the award, which is dedicated to emerging artists working in photography, and to support this medium as part of our 2019 edition.

‘The cooperation between CHART and Artproof was born out of shared passion in giving more visibility to Nordic artists working with the medium of photography. Artproof Award has been given out 17 times and to six different countries since 2012. The driving force behind the award is the commitment of giving back to the community by providing talented young artists with a possibility to realise their ideas and vision, with [the] best possible form and shape.’

– Krister Rekkaro, Partner at Artproof


Committed to supporting young talent, the Artproof award is given to an outstanding young photographers shown at the CHART Art Fair. The award includes a residency and a significant production grant. With CHART’s own long-term commitment to supporting young artists, we are happy to team up with Artproof in this effort and dedication to new talent. The winner of the 2019 Artproof Award will be selected by the jury consisting of: Rachael Chambers, Assistant Curator of Photography at V&A in London; Adam Broomberg, Photographer and Professor of Artistic Photography at HFBK Hamburg; and Peter Funch, Photographer based in Berlin.