Exploring Materiality


28 June 2019


CHART 2019

Abstract textural image.

As a new initiative CHART launches its 2019 edition with a thematic focus on Materiality running as a thread through the public CHART programme. In an increasingly digital world, artists, designers and architects are turning towards materials and crafts to investigate how matter will shape our future world. Placed in the cross-fields between these creative practices, CHART invites you to explore materiality with us.

‘In the present age of digital screens and virtual realities, contemporary artistic practices are increasingly turning towards the use of physical materials and crafts. For this edition of CHART, we want to pay attention to this growing interest in physical presence and the materials artists and designers are working with, ranging from new technology-based materials, over re- and upcycled materials to the re-emergence of traditional materials and craft techniques. At CHART 2019 we will explore how materiality, physicality and presence can open new conversations about our shared existence.’
– Nanna Hjortenberg, Director of CHART

The focus on materiality is gaining ground in many aspects of the contemporary art world today. The relationship between human beings and objects and between material phenomena themselves, are taking centre stage in rethinking art in today’s global society. This interest is visible in contemporary craft practices across the disciplines of architecture, design and fine arts, where the physical presence of traditional materials like wood and traditional craftsmanship techniques are having a resurgence. The cross-fields between craftsmanship, design and art have a long and renowned tradition across the Nordic region. As the leading Nordic art event CHART wants to research this tendency and investigate what materiality is in this day and age, and how this shift in materiality impacting is our lives.

Materiality will be explored in the programme’s initiatives to exhibit new talents that show innovative approaches to the future use of materials. One contribution to this year’s thematic dialogue unfolds in the form of CHART’s architectural competition. Participants have been asked to create a temporary pavilion that will occupy the CHART courtyards, by taking materials as their point of departure, challenging concepts of form and space.

In CHART’s curated Curio-exhibition, Matters, which is a part of CHART Design, five young designers from the Nordic countries have been chosen specifically for their experimental attitudes towards materiality, to exhibit in five newly build vitrines at the square in front of Designmuseum Denmark.

In Emerging, CHART’s curated exhibition for young artists, materiality is explored through a series of works that examine how artists construct self-images by focusing on materials and their processing, manipulation and expression. Thus, giving way to an exploration of materials, materiality is essential to our connection with the world and each other, CHART 2019 researches the potential of this shared interest.