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Rooftop Press (FI)

Rooftop Press is a Helsinki based initiative founded and run by artists Tuukka Kaila and Timo Vaittinen in 2017 to investigate publishing as artistic practice and a tool for co-authoring artworks and situations. We think of publishing as a hospitable environment where art intended for book form can take place.

Rooftop Press
Keijukaistenpolku 7 C 24
00820 Helsinki

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At this year's CHART, Rooftop Press will present works by owners Tuukka Kaila and Timo Vaittinen, among artists such as Sonja Donner and Inka Bell.

A lamp lit a room on a night of a kind. A tree has fallen, now there is a hut. Sonja Donner

Paste of Time, Dylan Ray Arnold & Océane Bruel

Paste of Time, Dylan Ray Arnold & Océane Bruel

Stacks, Timo Vaittinen

Phrygian Mode

Placeholder // Stacks

Placeholder: Towards Epistemic Diversity, Tuuka Kaila

Syzygy, Inka Bell