Codex Polaris (NO)

The artist collective Codex Polaris focuses on the book as a work of art, the unique, the handmade. We create opportunities and exhibition platforms for book artists in the Nordic countries, arranging exhibitions, initiating networking projects and text production. Run by visual artists Imi Maufe, Rita Marhaug and Randi Annie Strand.

Torborg Nedreaas Gate 20
5006 Bergen
+47 90257476

Curated for

At Chart 2022 Codex Polaris will present a selection of limited edition or unique books from artists based in Norway - Ane Thon Knutsen, Nanna Amstrup, Lisa Him-Jensen, Elisabeth Rydland Nilssen, Vibeke Luther O’Rourke, Solveig Landa, and Hans Ragner Mathisen. Bookworks by each of the founders – Imi Maufe, Randi Annie Strand, and Rita Marhaug will also be shown.

Imi Maufe: Greetings from Arbroath, 2018

Courtesy of Codex Polaris