Emerging is a group exhibition of young artists who have studied at a Nordic art academy and recently put forth a distinct position within the artistic landscape. Emerging is an integrated part of CHART’s talent programme and long-term commitment to expose emerging artists in the formative years of their practice.

In 2019 Emerging was curated for the third consecutive year by Helga Just Christoffersen, Executive Director of Art Hub Copenhagen. Focusing on the material tactility of the near and personal, the five works exhibited in Emerging 2019 were informed by a general theme of working with the intimate as a starting point for artistic expression.

The Gatherer, The Dumpsterdiver, The Raver, The Hunter, The Alien and The Witch presents a group of artists living in Scandinavia whose work is shaped by the development of alternative versions of the self, expressed as taking on characters, real or imagined.

The exhibition takes its title from a new work by Oslo-based duo Tokyo Twins in which six characters that embody the artists’ vision for a new, non-capitalist and consumer-free society occupy the space as a live performance. Along with works by Océane Bruel, Maria Meinild, Joel Slotte and Agatha Wara, Emerging 2019 points to ways in which a younger generation of artists is developing practices that depart from everyday experiences, embracing fiction and the creation of non-human characters or alter-egos as means of facing reality. Though they use different mediums, these artists share a common interest in exploring material tactility, developing works that bind near, personal, and almost embarrassingly earnest experiences with stereotypical, idealized, and futuristic versions of reality in ways that propose just how often radical action starts with the self.

Written by curator Helga Just Christoffersen



Océane Bruel, ‘Regarder les abeilles’ (2019). Photo: Niklas Vindelev

Océane Bruel (b. 1991 in Montpellier, lives and works in Helsinki) creates a sculptural language combining found objects with material experiments and following her interests in the subtleness of the ordinary.


Maria Meinild, ‘A HUM’ (2019). Photo: Niklas Vindelev

Maria Meinild (b. 1984 in Karlshamn, lives and works in Copenhagen) works primarily in video, combining methods from the world of theatre with investigations of the staging of everyday life, patterns of social behaviour, and our ideas of normality.



Joel Slotte, ‘Morning grey’ (2019), Oil on canvas. Photo courtesy the artist.

Joel Slotte (b. 1987 in Kokkola, lives and works in Helsinki) works in painting, drawing and ceramics. His detailed figurative oil paintings explore undercurrents of unease and dread in anecdotes from everyday life.



Tokyo Twins, The Gatherer, The Dumpsterdiver, The Ravel, The Hunter, The Alien and The Witch (2019). Photo Niklas Vindelev

Tokyo Twins, ‘The Gatherer, The Dumpsterdiver, The Ravel, The Hunter, The Alien and The Witch’ (2019). Photo: Niklas Vindelev

Tokyo Twins is a collaboration between the artists and musicians Anne Ødegård (b. 1990 in Kristiansand, lives and works in Oslo) and Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel (b. 1988 in Hamburg, lives and works in Oslo). In their work, they play with elements from the history of electronic music in Europe, digital and visual culture, as well as natural materials and pre-industrial craft.



Agatha Wara, ‘A Hungry Woman’ (2019). Photo: Niklas Vindelev

Agatha Wara (b. 1983 in Lima, Peru, lives and works in Oslo) is an American artist whose practice includes writing, party-throwing, and publishing. She is the editor of the eponymous magazine Agatha of which there exists only a singular issue.


CHART Emerging is made possible with generous support from The Bikuben Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Institute In Denmark, The Beckett Foundation and The Obel Family Foundation.