CHART partners with Donkey Republic to offer visitors sustainable transportation


5 August 2019


CHART 2019

As a part of our sustainability efforts this year, CHART will offer discounted bike-sharing services through Donkey Republic, encouraging CHART guests to do as the Copenhageners and cycle the city.

CHART is very pleased to be teaming up with Donkey Republic, a global bike-sharing system initiated in Copenhagen, to offer this year’s guests a sustainable mode of transportation. Travel comprises approximately 73% of overall carbon emissions for public events; CHART therefore intends to reduce this percentage by offering all of our guests the opportunity to access free or discounted city bicycles. Anyone from art collectors and internationally-recognised artists, to cultural enthusiasts and the general public will be able to access the fair with reliable city bicycles. The bikes can be picked up, locked and unlocked and dropped off all over the city, and can be rented for several hours or a full day with just a few clicks in the Donkey Republic app.

The partnership is just one of a series of our 2019 sustainability initiatives. This year’s design exhibition CHART Curio as well as CHART’s architecture competition showcased visionary approaches to materiality and demonstrated how materials can be used and reused to help shape a sustainable design future and imagine the possibility of a ‘circular’ economy. CHART hopes to continue to demonstrate how art, design and architecture and sustainability are by no means incongruous, and can provide practical frameworks and solutions for a greener future.

For a 10% discount use the code CHARTRIDES on the Donkey Republic App. For VIP offers, log onto the VIP section of the CHART website. Bikes will be available from Thursday 29 August until Monday 2 September.

Photo courtesy Donkey Republic.