About chart social

Running alongside the main fair is CHART SOCIAL, a program of cultural events exploring the crossover between art, design, architecture, music, performance, and gastronomy. CHART SOCIAL, which is free and open to the public, will take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and various other locations around the city leading up to and during the fair. The CHART SOCIAL program is generously supported by The Municipality of Copenhagen.




CHART hosts a series of Talks programmed by ArtReview and moderated by Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief and Oliver Basciano, international editor.

CHART ART FAIR’s talks programme will once again be programmed by ArtReview and moderated by Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief; Oliver Basciano, Editor (International); and Louise Darblay, Assistant Editor. Under the provocative heading THE END OF THE ART WORLD AS WE KNOW IT the talks will explore how the instability of political structures globally, questions about globalisation, and the undermining of critical hierarchies effects the production, distribution and reading of art.


The speakers are a selection of some of the most influential artists, designers, museum directors, critics and curators globally and this year include Alex Da Corte; Alexander Tovborg; Bosco Sodi; Bose Krishnamachari; Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev; Chris Fite-Wassilak; Christian Falsnaes; Hans Ulrich Obrist; Helga Christoffersen; Johanna Agerman RossJustin McGuirk; Katharine Stout; Kirstine Roepstorff; Maria Lind; Marianne ZamecznikLina-Marie Köppen; Peter Lang; Richard Parry; Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy; Stefanie Hessler; Stefan Schneider; and Tue Greenfort.


CHART TALKS took place on Saturday 2 September and Sunday 3 September at the Kuppelsalen of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Kunsthal Charlottenborg and at private collectors’ homes. All TALKS were free and open to the public, with RSVP necessary for the TALKS taking place off-site.


More information on https://chartartfair.com/social/#talks.


CHART TALKS is presented in collaboration with ArtReview and is kindly supported by The City of Copenhagen, Goethe Institute and The New Carlsberg Foundation.


The programme for CHART TALKS will be as follows:



Does Professional Art Criticism Lead to Better Art? 

Saturday 2 September, 12:30

Location: Kuppelsalen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Moderated by: Oliver Basciano, Editor (International), ArtReview

Guests: Alexander Tovborg, Artist; Chris Fite-Wassilak, Writer & Critic, Contributor to Art Monthly, Art Papers, ArtReview, & frieze; & Stefanie Hessler, Curator & Co-Founder, Andquestionmark, Stockholm


The Viewer is Present 

Saturday 2 September, 14:30

Location: Kuppelsalen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Moderated by: Louise Darblay, Assistant Editor, ArtReview

Guests: Christian Falsnaes, Artist; Helga Christoffersen, Assistant Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Katharine Stout, Deputy Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, London; & Stefan Schneider, Musician


CHART DESIGN TALK: Ambiguity as a Ressource for Design

Saturday 2 September, 16:30

Location: Design Museum Denmark

Programmed by CHART DESIGN & moderated by Peter Lang, Design critic, Professor Architectural Theory and History, Architecture, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Guests: Lina-Marie Köppen, Founder of interdisciplinary design studio LIMAKO, Social Design Academy Eindhoven, Academy Fashion and Design /AMD Hamburg, intergral part of Droog. Currently working at IKEA. Marianne Zamecznik, Curator, writer and director of Oslo Open, Johanna Agerman Ross, Curator at V&A and co-founder of Disegno.



Is Radical Change Possible in Today’s Contemporary Art World?

Sunday 3 September, 10:30

Location: Kuppelsalen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Moderated by: Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief, ArtReview

Guests: Bose Krishnamachari, Artist, President, Kochi Biennale Foundation;
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Director, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art and Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Edith Kreeger Wolf, Distinguished Adjunct Professor in Art Theory and Practice, Northwestern University, Evanston; Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries, London; & Maria Lind, Director, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm & Professor of Artistic Research, Oslo National Academy of the Arts


The Death of the Author: Can Art be Anti-Social?

Sunday 3 September, 12:30

Location: Kuppelsalen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Moderated by: Oliver Basciano, Editor (International), ArtReview

Guests: Alex Da Corte, Artist; Bosco Sodi, Artist, Founder of Casa Wabi Foundation;
Richard Parry, Director of Glasgow International; & Tue Greenfort, Artist


Is There No Experience except mediated experience?

Sunday 2 September, 14:30

Location: Kuppelsalen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Moderated by: Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief, ArtReview

Guests: Justin McGuirk, Chief Curator, Design Museum, London & Co-Head of Design Curating & Writing, Design Academy, Eindhoven; & Kirstine Roepstorff, Artist






In 2017 CHART celebrated its fifth anniversary with an extended CHART COURTYARD PROGRAMME


From 1-3 September 2017, the CHART COURTYARD PROGRAMME, which is free of charge and open to everyone activated Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s courtyards throughout the entire weekend with live acts, DJs, performances, installations and an opening concert.

The programme was co-curated by Escho, Frankie Dunn (i-D Magazine), Kasper Bisgaard (smash!bang!pow!) and Kasper Bjørke.


The full programme:


FRIDAY 1 September

16:00 Film Installation: Pilvi Takala, Drive with Care (2013), 13 min video, All day, courtyard 2

16:30 Lorenzo Senni (IT), basement

17:00 Martin Creed (UK), courtyard 1

17:30 Charlie Roberts (US), courtyard 1

18:15 Alex Da Corte (US), courtyard 1 & 2

19:00 Astrid Sonne (DK), courtyard 1

19:30 Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (DK), courtyard 1

20:15 Collider (DK), courtyard 2

20:45 Liss (DK), courtyard 1

21:45 Goss (DK), courtyard 2

22:30 18A (Code Walk + Smerz) (NO / DK), courtyard 2

23:30 Fredo (UK), courtyard 2

24:00 Trevor Jackson Vs. Kasper Bjørke (UK / DK), courtyard 2

01:00 Soleima (DK), courtyard 2


12:00 Film Installation: Pilvi Takala, Drive with Care (2013), 13 min video, All day, courtyard 2

14:00 Small White Man (DK), courtyard 1

14:00 Lorenzo Senni (IT), basement

15:30 Performance: Francesco Pedraglio (IT), Italian Staircase

16:00 Performance: Katharina Grosse & Stefan Schneider, Kuppelsalen

17:00 Lorenzo Senni (IT), basement

18:00 Khalil (Posh Isolation) (DK), courtyard 1

18:30 Christian d’Or (DK), courtyard 1

19:00 Irrelevant Bitch 101 (DK), courtyard 1

20:00 Ellis May (DK), courtyard 1

21:00 Summers (DK), courtyard 1



12:00 Film Installation: Pilvi Takala, Drive with Care (2013), 13 min video, All day, courtyard 2

13:00 Performance: Merike Estna, Red Herring, courtyard 2


In 2016 more than 8,900 people attended the opening concert, which is free and open to all.



The CHART COURTYARD PROGRAMME is presented in collaboration with Tuborg Music and supported by the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Arts Foundation.


Architecture competition

Architecture competition

Each year students from leading Nordic architecture schools are invited to enter the CHART ARCHITECTURE competition

In 2017 CHART extended the call for applications to young and newly established architectural practices and welcomed students and recent graduates from the Nordic region. Last year’s official theme was THE LIVING CITY. The selected finalists designed individual pavilions for the Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s courtyard to host the fair’s restaurants and cultural partners Absolut, Gorilla, Musling Bistro, Union Kitchen and  SPACE10.


The five finalists of CHART ARCHITECTURE were: Algae Dome by Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wroblewski, and Anna Stempniewicz; ADAPT by Harry Clover, Jack Cripps, Sebastian Gatz and Fabian Puller; Stick Box by Miki Morita, Suguru Kobayashi and Keita Shishijima; Paper Pavilion by Kazumasa Takada, Yuriko Yagi and Yohei Tomioka; Sunday Temple by Mia Frykholm and Astrid Gabrielsson.


The winning pavilion PAPER PAVILION was selected during the fair on 2 September! A huge congratulations to Kazumasa Takada, Yuriko Yagi, Yohei Tomioka and their partners Musling Bistro, Vice, Wasara and UNDERBROEN. The winners were offered a mentorship programme in collaboration with The Dreyer Foundation with a professional architect, a construction expert and a developer.


The 2017 CHART ARCHITECTURE jury consisted of: Bjarke Ingels, architect and founder of BIG Bjarke Ingels Group; Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, co-founder of SUPERFLEX; Claus Andersen, owner of Andersen’s Contemporary; Débora Mesa, architect and principle of Ensamble Studio; Dorte Foss, architect; Simon Frommenwiler, architect and co-founder of HHF Architects; and Klaus Kastbjerg, CEO and director of Union Holding A/S.


The five projects were:



ADAPT is a pavilion which opens itself as the day warms and closes itself as the day cools like a plant, without the need for external sources of energy. ADAPT is the forerunner of a living city of buildings that lean, open or retract, change form, function and regulatory state by harvesting the thermal energy on site, taking the sustainability of buildings to the next level. The Phase Change Material – in this case paraffin wax – inside ADAPT’s 48 pistons, converts thermal energy into hydraulic pressure, causing the three storeys of awnings to open and close depending on local climatic conditions. The pavilion also aims to uphold the principles of recycling and re-use. The structure and timber is reusable, and to highlight the problem of marine plastic waste, the fabric awnings are made from reused fishing nets found in the North Sea and brought to Denmark for recycling, to highlight the problem of marine plastic waste.


Harry Clover, Sebastian Gatz, Fabian Puller, Jack Cripps


Thank you to: Absolut, Bayliss Autovents, Plastix, Joel Klerk Planteskole, CutLab CPH, Lej Et Lig & ASA Stilladsservice.



Imagine a plant that can both grow anywhere in the world and double in size everyday. Imagine if this plant were to be edible, packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and able to provide us with more iron and protein than any other food — including meat. Imagine if growing this plant didn’t put extra pressure on the environment, but in fact reduced carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and improved air quality locally. Now say hello to micro-algae. Future-living lab SPACE10 have partnered with the architect team ARA to showcase the potential of micro-algae as a ‘super food’ of tomorrow. The Algae Dome is a food-producing pavilion that not only provides a unique architectural and spatial experience, but also functions as a giant bioreactor capable of growing up to 450 litres of the super food during CHART.


Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wróblewski, Anna Stempniewicz


Thank you to: SPACE10



This project by mok+s architects aims to work as a prototype for sustainable building practice. The structure is made from small timber module leftovers from forest thinning and lumbering. We hope that as people interact with the pavilion, they will understand how these leftovers can become a valuable material. We aim to create awareness about the environmental issue of waste around the world while being a part of a positive change. There is over half a ton of greenhouse gases worth of carbon in the pavilion and it comprises around 16,000 pieces; floor and counter boards. They are assembled in a simple wood-masonry construction. After being used for the pavilion, the pieces can be reused in many ways like Lego. They can become your new stool, shelf or even a hut. All pieces are made by Douglas fir; please enjoy their beautiful veins and relaxing fragrance. All wood is donated by Danish Dinesen flooring, and the manufacturing is done with quality by Woodenmind, locally in Copenhagen.


Miki Morita, Suguru Kobayashi, Keita Shishijima


Thank you to: The Union Kitchen, Dinesen, Cotter & Woodenmind



Ritual spaces have a new purpose in our society. The shape of the pavilion by M+A is a reference to the Hampi temple in India. Today, religious and ceremonial spaces have in many cases been replaced by something else. Instead of going to church on Sundays, we take a ritual walk through IKEA’s warehouse or do our laundry, comfortable with the familiar blue bag. The blue IKEA bag is a symbol in modern society and – an essential reminder of Sunday laundry rituals. It is durable, cheap and sized to be mass-produced and distributed worldwide. The Sunday Temple is a simple wooden support structure embedded with the blue bags, their labeled handles hanging as ornaments. The openings of the bags are suspended so that the wind fills them and the facade of the temple comes to life. With lights inside, the pavilion glows blue during night time.


Mia Frykholm, Astrid Gabrielsson


Thank you to: Gorilla, Danish Art Workshops & Sygns



YATA introduces appropriate durability as a new sustainable design method. Paper Pavilion doesn’t show excessive architectural strength, but it is constructed with sustainable materials that only last for the duration of CHART. From this perspective, the pavilion considers paper to be the most suitable material in that it is both durable and strong enough to accommodate a short-term event. Paper Pavilion has taken the image of a “bagworm” as its starting point for this project. A bagworm builds its nest by collecting surrounding materials and adjusting them to the characteristics of its environment. Likewise, Paper Pavilion wraps itself with papers from the city, showcasing the citizens’ urban activities and hereby celebrating The Living City. The main structure of the pavilion has a movable design. This enables it to be moved to other cities and for it to re-invent itself in relation to the colors of the new locations. Moreover, the papers can be re-used with the existing recycle system of Copenhagen after CHART.


Kazumasa Takada, Yuriko Yagi, Yohei Tomioka


Thank you to: Musling Bistro, Vice, Wasara & UNDERBROEN


Photos by David Hugo Cabo

Chart Emerging

Chart Emerging


I AM OUR COMMON PRONOUN takes its title from I Civil (2012), a book by the Danish writer and artist Amalie Smith, which considers the body as a porous container of shards that connect and separate us from the world and each other. This exhibition shares Smith’s exploration of the self in contemporary life: how it is constituted through language — and by extension all modes of representation — and how, therefore, it can also be expanded or broken down in an effort to express identification, empathy, love, and belonging.


Through the work of eleven emerging artists and collectives living in five Nordic countries, this exhibition traced experiences, experiments, and propositions for imagining the self in contemporary society as something constructed and broken apart by networked culture, migration, increased isolation, and gender fluidity. The exhibition presented works that depart from a rigorous self-examination, in which the body is considered a form akin to others; it may function as a medium, thought of in terms of sculpture and/or performance, as a way to consider what it means to identify with the needs, desires, and suffering of others.


Last year’s edition of CHART EMERGING was curated by Helga Christoffersen; it was the first public component of a three-year long research project on emerging artists in the Nordic countries, initiated by Christoffersen as a response to CHART’s invitation to organise CHART EMERGING 2017. ‘Emerging’, in this project, refers to artists, who, having completed the formal educational phase of their development, have recently put forth a distinct position within the larger artistic landscape. ‘Emerging’ therefore does not refer to an age as much as a budding moment of artistic development.


I Am Our Common Pronoun was produced through extensive research and travel in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden; it is meant to amplify thematic resonances which emerged between the work of this group of artists. The exhibition, therefore, is not a regional survey, rather, it points to a specific set of concerns. A larger survey of emerging artists in the Nordic countries, which also extends from this research, will follow in book format and as an online resource, forming the next phases of this project.


CHART EMERGING artists include Nanna Abell, Sigurður Ámundason, Zoe Barcza, Mira Eklund, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Yassine Khaled, Helene Nymann, Eirik Sæther, Vidha Saumya, Amalie Smith and the collective consisting of Josefin Jussi Andersson, Klara Ström,and Hannah Wiker Wikström.


CHART EMERGING is supported by Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond, The Augustinus Foundation, Finlands kulturinstitut i Danmark, Frame Finland, The Nordic Council of Ministers, The Nordic Culture Fund, Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen, The Obel Family Foundation, Office of Contemporary Art Norway and SALTS Basel.


Click here for more detailed information about the exhibition and the artists



Special Art projects

Special Art Projects


In 2017 CHART SPECIAL ART PROJECTS will include CORPUS X CHART, CHART X HAY and a poster project by the renowned French artist Laure Prouvost.




Fall is a new work created by choreographer Martin Forsberg and artist Christian Falsnaes, conceived to be performed by an audience together with dance company Corpus as part of CHART’s collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre. The structure and concept of Fall reflects the collaborative nature of this project, as it invites a random audience to join a group of six professional dancers to create a performance together. Falsnaes will lead the audience through a choreography developed in collaboration with Forsberg, centered around the act and sensation of falling. Falling is an effective dramatic resource that enables an awareness of the weight and structure of ourselves as singular cells and as part of a collective; a unity built upon an encounter of disparate actions.




HAY and CHART ART FAIR have joined forces to launch a new series of artists posters. The series is curated by CHART and includes works by contemporary artists participating at CHART. Together, HAY and CHART hope to make art available to a wider public. The artists include Laure Prouvost; Anna Reivilä (Gallery Taik Persons); Geoff McFetridge (V1 Gallery); Malin Gabriella Nordin (Gallery Steinsland Berliner); John Kørner (Galleri Bo Bjerggaard); Richard Colman (V1 Gallery); Anna Bjerger (David Risley Gallery) and Charlie Roberts (David Risley Gallery). HAY will launch the posters during CHART ART FAIR, 1-3 September 2017, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and in HAY stores around the world. Through this collaboration HAY and CHART hope to make art available to a wider public.





The French artist and Turner-prize winner Laure Prouvost is the artist behind the large scale public art project evolving in the streets of Copenhagen since Monday, 7 August. Laure Prouvost’s provocative work Look Behind the Curtain is a large-scale public art project with of 2.000 posters, billboards and balcony banners, which are exhibited in the streets of Copenhagen. For this project, Prouvost created a new series of 12 artworks in oil on paper that depicts tactile body parts combined with enigmatic phrases that contradict our traditional expectations that art must express grand existential concerns. Instead the artist makes use of layered stories, surreal humour and word games, inviting the viewer into a private narrative within a playful installation that expresses the simple joy of creation. Involving the citizens of Copenhagen, 30 residents with balconies facing a public street are taking part in the art project.





Award-winning British artist Martin Creed has installed two looping sound pieces in the dressing rooms of Mads Nørgaard’s women’s department. Work No.401 Blowing a raspberry and Work No. 412 Laughing transform the intimate action of trying on clothes into an absurd and humorous sensual experience.



Ex Situ. Samples of Lifeforms⎪01.09.2017-26.11.17

A Kassen
Martin Erik Andersen
Alan Bogana
Tacita Dean
Roni Horn
Lauren Huret
Dominique Koch
Lena Maria Thüring
Keith Tyson
Hannah Weinberger
Pedro Wirz


CHART is pleased to present Ex Situ. Samples of Lifeforms in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary and the City of Basel: An international group exhibition with artists and works addressing the constantly changing conditions of forms of life on planet Earth. At a time of accelerating transformations in global ecosystems, humans and other animals leave and lose their natural habitat. The exhibition reflects the unruly state of migrating species trying to adapt to a new world where nature, culture and technology are inextricably entangled and enmeshed.


The expression ‘ex situ’ means ‘off-site’ or ‘out of place’. It is used by conservation biologists for the preservation of fauna and flora in man-made environments. The show’s starting point is to rethink the art space CC, which is housed in a large post-industrial box – similar to a water tank – on the harbour of Copenhagen. During the show the site takes on an appearance that is somewhat similar to an aquarium or, broadly speaking, a so-called vivarium, i.e. a shelter for an artificially recreated environment, submarine or otherwise.


New and existing large-scale installations as well as smaller, more intimate works explore a variety of organic and inorganic forms, such as the life cycle of jellyfish or the routines of a shipping crew on a freighter. Other works engage with the necessary conditions of life such as soil and, more prominently, water in an era marked by water reserve depletion, acidification of the oceans, rising sea levels, and mass extinction as well as the migration of people and species. The works in Ex Situ put conditions and forms of life on display for the visitors to contemplate, similar to the way we look at an aquarium – except here we are no longer on the outside but inside of it.


The exhibition is the result of a cultural partnership between the City of Basel, CHART, Copenhagen Contemporary and the Swiss Embassy in Denmark.


Four curators – Alice Wilke and Claire Hoffmann (Basel), Jannie Haagemann and Toke Lykkeberg (Copenhagen) – have created this exhibition in collaboration, which primarily features newly produced works by highly accomplished and upcoming artists from Swiss and Nordic contexts.


The official opening is Thursday 31 August from 17:00-21:00.