About chart social

Running alongside the fairs is CHART Social, a programme of cultural events exploring the crossover between art, design, architecture, music, performance, and gastronomy. CHART Social, which is free and open to the public, took place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and various other locations around the city.


The CHART Social programme is generously supported by the Municipality of Copenhagen.


Please see the 2018 programme here




CHART Architecture is an open 72-hour competition inviting graduate students or newly graduated architects, designers and artists from across the Nordic region to present a proposal for a temporary pavilion. An international jury will select five finalists to realise their proposals in the courtyards of Kunsthal Charlottenborg where they become central elements in the overall experience of CHART in 2019. During CHART the jury selects a first prize winner, which will be awarded an additional mentorship programme with established architectural professionals and advisors.


The international jury for 2019 consists of:


David Zahle, Architect and Partner at BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark

Lea Porsager, Artist, Denmark

Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen, Architect and Co-founder of Spacon & X, Denmark

Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator of Architecture at MAXXI Museum, Italy

Rosa Bertoli, Design Editor at Wallpaper* magazine, United Kingdom


Theme 2019: Materiality

With the ambition to expand the limits for traditional architectural expressions CHART Architecture 2019 challenges participants to explore materiality in new and artistic ways. Participants are invited to submit proposals that challenge our understanding of materiality and how it is used in architecture.


The competition brief can be viewed here.

Please note that the submission deadline is 14 April at 12.00.


CHART Architecture 2019 is made possible with the generous support from Realdania, The Dreyer Foundation, FOSS, and The City of Copenhagen. Knowledge and resource partners include BLOXHUB, Arup, and Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx).

CHART Architecture jury member Pippo Ciorra on 'materiality'

Only two more sleeps until we release the brief for this year’s CHART Architecture Competition! After the kick-off event yesterday we sat down with jury member and Senior Curator at MAXXI Pippo Ciorra to talk about this year’s theme ‘materiality’. Are you thinking about participating in the competition but not sure if you’re eligible to? Check out our CHART Architecture FAQ here: https://chartartfair.com/chart-architecture-competition-brief-soon-to-be-launched-check-out-our-faqs-if-youre-considering-applying/

Slået op af CHART ART FAIR i Tirsdag den 9. april 2019







‘Siren’, the 2018 edition of CHART Emerging, featured new work by five emerging artists living and working in Scandinavia: Helena Lund Ek (SE), Urd Pedersen (NO), LM Salling (DK) and Jin Mustafa (SE) & Natália Rebelo (SE/BR). The exhibition took its title from a motif in Mustafa’s and Rebelo’s work, whose collaborative video installation revolved around a mythical, Greek figure—a half bird, half human, non-gendered trickster.


For the second year, Helga Christoffersen, Associate Curator at the New Museum, New York, curated a group exhibition comprising the works of artists who, having completed their formal education, have recently put forth a distinct position within the larger artistic landscape.


CHART Emerging is a part of CHART Social and a platform dedicated to supporting the new generation of artists in the Nordic region at a moment of budding artistic development. The exhibition was presented at Festsalen at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


CHART Emerging is generously supported by A.P. Møller and Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller’s Fund, The Augustinus Fund, Danish Arts Foundation, Nordic Culture Fund, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Fund and The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark.




The CHART Music Programme activated Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s courtyards with live acts, DJ’s, performances and installations throughout the entire weekend. In 2018, more than 7,000 people attended the Opening Night concert held on the Friday, which was free and open to all.


CHART Music Programme 2018:



20.00 – 21.00 DJ Larry B (UK)

21:00 – 22:00 DJ KhalilH2OP (DK)

23:00 – 23:30 LIVE Denzel Himself (UK)

23:30 – 00:30 DJ Justin Strauss (US) x Kasper Bjørke (DK)

00:30 – 01:30 DJ Perel (Hybrid set, DFA Records) (DE)



11.30 – 12.30 DJ Esben Weile Kjær (DK)

13.30-14.30 DJ Blå Time (Albert Grøndal) (DK) & Emma Rosenzweig (DK)

15.30 – 16.30 Alexander Tovborg (DK) & Cæcilie Trier (DK)

17.30 – 18.30 DJ First Flush (DK)

18.30 – 19.30 DJ Varnrable x Yangze (DK)

19.30 – 20.00 Live Larry B (UK)






Ownership, Exchange, Theft


Is culture something you own or something you share? Can art have both money and morals? Is art a speculative act, and what does this means in a world where ideas of empirical truth have become ever-more slippery?


In a series of talks held on September 1 and 2, CHART Talks discussed issues concerning access and ownership in the spheres of contemporary art and design in the Royal Academy’s Kuppelsalen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. In 2018, CHART Talks were programmed by ArtReview and moderated by Mark Rappolt, Editor, ArtReview, and Oliver Basciano, International Editor, ArtReview, and Justin McGuirk, Chief Curator, Design Museum, London.


Saturday 1 September


12:30 – Copyright, Copyleft, Copytheft
Is the notion of ownership still a relevant concept in the online world today? If art is about ideas, can one then own an idea? Speakers: Daniel McClean, Art & Property Lawyer; FOS, Artist


14:30 – Art: Home of the Alternative Fact
Is it possible to talk about art as a speculative act? If so, what does that mean in a world where ideas of empirical truth have become ever-more slippery?
Speakers: Nav Haq, Curator at M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerpen; Laura McLean-Ferris, Curator at Swiss Institute, New York; João Mourão, Co-Director, Kunsthalle Lissabon


16:30 – Open Design: A Utopian Project?
The network age promised a utopian approach to design in which we were no longer consumers but participants. But how realistic is ‘open’ design and is the dream over?
Speakers: Thomas Lommée, Founder and Partner of OpenStructure and  Intrastructure; Daisy Froud, Architect and Strategist specialising in community engagement and participatory design; Adam Greenfield, Writer, Author of Radical Technologies


Sunday 2 September


10:30 – The European Art Scene: Papering Over The Cracks
How can art react to the rise of nationalism and populist political rhetoric in Europe – and what role do galleries and museums have in this matter?
Speakers: Luís Silva, Curator and Co-Director at Kunsthalle Lissabon; Ekaterina Degot, Curator at Steirischer Herbst; John Kørner, Artist


12:30 – Copy Culture
Replicas play a provocative role in art, architecture and design. In a culture that claims to value originality, what potential does a copy hold?
Speakers: Sam Jacob, Architect, Principal, Sam Jacob Studio, Professor of Architecture at University of Illinois at Chicago, Director of Night School at the Architectural Association, London; Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Artist


14:30 – Is Culture Something You Own or Something You Share?
Cultural appropriation is a subject discussed broadly today, and it raises questions about whether culture is a limited phenomenon belonging to a limited circle. Who should act as gatekeepers of such – and is cultural appropriation a negative thing at all?
Speakers: Jonas Tinius, Anthropologist, Humboldt-Universität; Carla Zaccagnini, Artist


16:30 – Is Virtual Space Real Space?
Does it make sense to differentiate between virtual space and physical space today? And what does it mean for art and architecture – now and in the future?
Speakers: Beatrice Galilee, Curator of Architecture and Design, Metropolitan Museum; Ben Vickers, Chief Technology Officer at the Serpentine Galleries


CHART Talks is made possible by generous support from the New Carlsberg Foundation.






‘UNIONIZE’ – The Rodina

Czech design studio The Rodina constitutes a critical, experimental practice drenched in strategies of performance art, play and subversion. For CHART they present the interactive performance ‘Unionize’ where visitors are invited to join a temporary union supporting the creative worker.


‘Elastic Bonding’ – Malin Bülow

Swedish artist Malin Bülow’s large scale performative sculptures explore elasticity in relation to body, skin, architecture and movement. Her site-specific work ‘Elastic Bonding’ consisted of two physical bodies encased inside textile membranes forming voluminous shapes that became extensions of Kunsthall Charlottenborg’s architecture.


‘Uriel in Situ’  – Julie Lænkholm

In her site-specific installation, ‘Uriel in Situ’, Danish artist Julie Lænkholm addresses issues concerning patriarchy and confinement of women within the arts. The paid tribute to archangel Uriel, the only archangel said to be a woman, and was accompanied by a ritual singing piece.


‘Luggage Fitness: Decluttering your Body Environment’

An engaging performative lecture by Professor in Architectural Theory and History, Peter Lang, and artist Weiling He, and challenged participants to critically consider their relationship to the things they use over the course of a day. This performative aimed to address issues concerning waste, consumption and durability.



At CHART 2018, the Wooodelves treated guests to a special performance. Working with food and rituals as an art form, the 21st century hunter-gatherers labelled their activities as ‘secular mystique’.





In 2018, CHART’s Special Projects included: CHART x Designmuseum Denmark, which presented the sensory work ‘Sinus’ by Pearla Pigao; CHART x KØS that invited visitors on an audio walk titled ‘Remote Copenhagen’, lead by German multimedia collective Rimini Protokoll and CHART x The Royal Danish Theatre/Corpus’ performative dance piece titled ‘Ghosting’.

CHART x Designmuseum Denmark – Pearla Pigao, ‘Sinus’
Investigating how music and sound can materialise through textiles woven with metal threads, Norwegian artist Pearla Pigao’s work ‘Sinus’ was exhibited at Designmuseum Denmark during CHART. Inspired by the theremin, Pigao’s textile became an instrument that could be played without being touched. As viewers interacted with the textiles, they became co-creators of the sound composition that the work sang.


As a part of CHART Social, visitors could experience Danish contemporary dance company DeLeónCompany interact with Pearla Pigao’s piece in a series of experimental performances on 1 and 2 September. The performances were free and open to all.


DeLeónCompany is a Copenhagen based contemporary dance company founded in 2013 by choreographer Jens Schyth Brøndum. Their approach is drawn from an intuitive need to move and based upon physical improvisation. DeLeónCompany’s pieces present the body in an always moving, dynamic form, which invites the audience into a collective universe of physicality in relation to sound and light.


Choreographer: Jens Schyth Brøndum
Dancer and producer: Stina Strange Thue
Dancers: Frederik Levin


CHART X KØS – Rimini Protokoll, ‘Remote Copenhagen’
German multimedia collective Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi /Jörg Karrenbauer) invited participants to experience their new, site-specific work, ‘Remote Copenhagen’, an interactive collective audio walk that journeyed through various transitory sites in the city of Copenhagen. The walk drew attention to s sites of conflict and negotiation, to their architectural features, and to the many pedestrians, employees and local residents that come into contact at such sites. ‘Remote Copenhagen’ is co-presented by CHART and commissioned by KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, and was part of KØS’ exhibition ‘Transit’, which opened on 13 September 2018. A daily audio walk was held throughout the weekend of CHART.

During the weekend of CHART, visitors could partake in ‘Ghosting’, a performative dance piece developed by Japanese artist Masaru Iwai, German choreographer Sebastian Matthias and Swedish composer Ida Ludén, and the dancers from the Royal Danish Theatre’s experimental dance company Corpus.

The audience members became part of an exploration into how the ubiquity of smartphone devices and social media have forever changed the way we communicate. ‘Ghosting’ is a co-production by CHART and Corpus, and was presented at The Royal Danish Theatre.