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Frida Orupabo, Untitled, 2019, collage with paper pins mounted on aluminium, 190 x 160 cm.
Photo by Carl Henrik Tillberg. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Nordenhake

Frida Orupabo (NO, b. 1986)

In 2013 Orupabo started a curated stream of images on her Instagram feed. Part of it is featured in the video below. As a platform Instagram acts as an ever-evolving collage. The video loops gain intensity in their repetition and the feed, with it’s flowing stream of accumulated images, acts as a site for hoarding.

Frida Orupabo explores themes of race, gender, sexuality, violence, the gaze, post-colonialism and identity, working in media that in their nature are fragmented and multifarious. Employing image platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr as both source and tool, Orupabo engages in the simultaneously monolithic and splintered abundance of images that define race and gender. In their wiki-generated content and labile fluidity these platforms both reinforce and disrupt established norms.

Frida Orupabo’s Instagram Feed (excerpt). Double click on the video for full screen on desktop.

An extra look

Gallerist  Ben Loveless from Galerie Nordenhake and gallerist Claus Andersen from Andersen’s talk about the challenges and opportunities post corona

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