FOS, Frederik Nystrup-Lasen & Oliver Sundqvist – At the Intersection between Art and Design

A fabric installation

'How to Build a Blanket Fort' (2019), Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist. Photo: Simon Knudsen



Date & Time

1 Sep14:30 – 15:00


Den Frie

This conversation invites practitioners working in the cross-sections of art and design to explore the power of working across disciplines. FOS (b. 1971, Denmark) works between disciplines creating his very own poetic and humorous space in the crossroads between sculpture, design and architecture. Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist (b. 1992 & 1991, Denmark) work as an art and design duo practicing in fields of furniture, art and installation. They work with various media and upcycle materials in new innovative ways.

Moderator: Johanna Agerman Ross

The venue is wheelchair accessible.