Arvida Byström & Chloe Wise – Representation and Figuration

Portrait of Arvida Byström (Left). Portrait of Chloe Wise (Right).



Date & Time

1 Sep13:00 – 13:45


The Chapel, Charlottenborg

Chloe Wise (b. 1990, Canada) and Arvida Byström (b. 1991, Sweden) are both occupied with the question of figuration and will discuss how they work with representing a diversity of bodies and identities but employ very different methods in doing so.

Chloe Wise’s (b. 1990, Canada) recent works explore portraiture and the unspoken dynamics that maintain the individual’s participation in a group. Placed within a space of ambiguity, Wise’s subjects flirt with legibility; their gathering suggesting a familiar event such as a party, theatrical production, or a yearbook photo, only to deny the grounds for any such staged communion. 

Arvida Byström (b. 1991, Sweden) comes from photography but works with multiple different mediums like music, modelling and installation. Her practice is at the intersection of pop culture, the art world and online, where she spent countless hours as a teen. Utilizing her own body is at the core of her artistic practice, and Byström uses a hyper feminized aesthetic precisely to question and challenge the concepts of thus.

Moderator: Francesca Gavin, London based Curator, Writer and Editor.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.