About chart design

In 2018 CHART Design expanded to become a new complementary fair and exhibition platform dedicated to rare, unique and collectible design.


On 31 August – 2 September 2018, in conjunction with CHART Art Fair, CHART Design presented an exclusive selection of the top design galleries from the Nordic region in the beautiful setting of Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.


Focusing on the cross sections between art and design the exhibiting galleries presented a variety of collectible design objects ranging from 20th century modernism to contemporary styles. The exhibitors ranged from established, specialised galleries to experimental newcomers – all working within the highest level of modern and contemporary design.


CHART Design is not a traditional fair but an innovative, inclusive platform that seeks to challenged the boundaries between exhibition, learning and commerce. CHART Design encourages collaboration, creativity, originality and knowledge-sharing by uniting the leading forces of the Nordic design scene.


CHART Design is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, National Bank’s Jubilee Foundation, Norwegian Crafts and Nordic Culture Point.


Exhibiting galleries were:


Adorno (DK)

Berg Gallery (SE)

Dansk Møbelkunst (DK)

Etage Projects (DK)

Galleri Feldt (DK)

Galleri Format Oslo (NO)

Jacksons (SE)

Køppe Contemporary Objects (DK)

Gallery Lemmetti (FI)


RAM Galleri (NO)

stockholmmodern (SE)





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CURIO is an exhibition concept established to give young Nordic designers and craft makers a platform to show their work in a non-commercial context. In 2018 CURIO takes form as a thematic, curated exhibition, which under the title ‘Trans Act!’ aims to unravel, and critically question, hidden  structures in the field of design. The exhibition took place in, and around, the lower exhibition floor at Den Frie and included among others include four site-specific works by Pernille Pontoppidan, Rune Bering, Jonas Edvard and Ane Fabricius Christiansen.



Rune Bering (DK), Pernille Pontoppidan (DK), Ane Fabricius Christiansen (DK), Jonas Edvard (DK)

Yola Maria Tsolis (NO), Siren Dversnes Dahle (NO), Sigrid Esperlien (NO), Eunju Kang (NO)

Evelina Kollberg (SE), Rasmus Nossbring (SE), Anna Nordström (SE)

Lotta Mattila (FI), Matias Liimatainen (FI)


Special projects


Connexions – Alice Anderson

British-French artist Alice Anderson investigates physical and spiritual interaction with the world at the edge of transhumanism. The major site-specific installation ‘Connexions’ was made for the central room at Den Frie and is Anderson’s first exhibition in the Nordic region. Connexions consisted of large-scale internet cables and squares weaved in coloured wire. The act of weaving objects is a performative gesture inspired by ancient rituals of the Kogi tribe in Columbia, and is a way for Anderson to physically record objects in an increasingly digital world.


Gamut – Tableau x Karl Monies

Moving between fields of design, architecture and botanics, Danish design studio Tableau explore new ways of approaching artistic ‘tableaux’. Inspired by the architectural features of Den Frie, Tableau  collaborated with artist Karl Monies to create a sculptural installation which playfully transformed transparent plastic into colourful hand painted canvases.


Pavilion – Guillermo Santomà

Following the artistic mantra “to create is to destroy”, Spanish designer Guillermo Santomà works to deconstruct the fixed images of design. For CHART, he reinterpreted the classic architectural concept of the pavilion with an installation including a toilet, a bathtub and a tanning bed. Santomà challenges the meaning of ‘social design’, pushing the boundaries between domestic and public, between mass-produced and handmade objects.


The installation was presented in the garden of Den Frie.


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