THE CURIO – Mika Katarina Friis

Mika Katarina Friis (1983) graduated from the School of Architecture in Aarhus in 2012 and has since then worked with architecture and exhibition projects with special focus on constructions of wood, examining the relation between object, body and space. Extensive experiments and a continuous interest in the potentials of timber and its assembly techniques was the starting point for Mika Katarina Friis’ work Totem. The narrow, yet tall structure is made of maple wood and with its spaciousness it insist on the attention of the passerby. The project is based on the Asian tradition where bespoke structures are built to support and take care of old trees. Totem is built around an adaptation so the workable system can be modified and rebuilt over time.



Totem (2016)

Material(s): Maple wood, cherry wood



2015 – Petit, Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition (DK)

2015 – The Port of Aarhus (DK)

2013 – Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg (DK)

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