THE CURIO – Carl Emil Jacobsen

Carl Emil Jacobsen (1987) graduated from the Kolding School of Design, the line of Industrial Design, in 2012. His practice revolves around existentialism and reflects a ritualistic sophistication combined with a solid craftsmanship. For The Curio Carl Emil Jacobsen will show two new works: Red Forms and Powder Forms. His abstract work, Red Forms, has a strong bodily presence, volume, material expression and sensitivity to them. The 3D objects are lying heavy, but yet almost floating in the floor making the viewer interact with space in a playful, new way. Carl Emil Jacobsen works with found materials like bricks from demolished buildings. By converting them to dust and then transforming to Powder Forms, the old becomes a base for a variety of objects that are weathered in the borderland between nature and culture.


Red Volumes (2016)
Material(s): Concrete, oxide pigment, steel, fillers
Powder Variations (2016)
Material(s): Fiber Concrete, pigment from brick


2016 – Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg (DK)
2015– Intended compositions (in accidental appearances) “, Piscine (DK)
2015 – The Tube, Kolding School, Il Salone in Milan (IT)
2014 – Pink Pop polychrome, Nicolai (DK)

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