Jonas Edvard will be presented as part of the Curio exhibition entitled « Trans Act » at CHART DESIGN 2018.






Jonas Edvard, working portrait



Why do you design?
To create mesmerizing design ! We are living in a material world. There is so much « crap ». I hope we can change that and make design that is both beautiful and meaningful.

As a human, we have our own langage to communicate. For designers, design is a way to communicate, to translate a vision of the world we live in.


What is good design?

Good design is design being used by people.


What is your ideas behind « M (h) an (d) made »?

« M (h) an (d) made »is an installation of functional objects that will create social interactions with the audience. The space will be filled with different furniture – sits, chairs, lamps, planters – all made by hand with various materials. The works will consist of experiments with the material’s consistency, color and appearance, as well as studies in the shape and function of furniture design. The title is a play on word associating “hand-made and “man-made”. Considering trans-act as an encouragement to transform, the exhibition invites visitors to reflect on the value of design – which should be based on functionality, beauty and meaningfulness.

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