Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Johanna Karlsson, Scen III, 2020, plaster, paper, pigment, metal wire, oak and artglass, 34 x 40 x 14 cm.
Photo by Nora Bencivenni. Courtesy the artist and Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Anna Bjerger (SE, b. 1973)
Lisa Jonasson (SE, b. 1978)
Johanna Karlsson (SE, b. 1968)

Anna Bjerger bases her paintings on forgotten photographic originals, and her work describes a balance between extremes. It contains the psychological content of the image and the physical aspects of the painting. The narrative evolves, arriving at new meanings through the language of painting.

Lisa Jonasson constructs richly detailed assemblages in painted cut-out paper and carved wood. Jonasson describes the works as a division of bodies and surfaces. The bodies are carved in balsa wood, into an object with a purpose to carry the surface.

Johanna Karlsson creates detailed portrayals of landscapes in mixed-media dioramas. She takes fragments of nature into a cultural context, and the result is a laboratory-like presentation with an emotional load - a personal and poetic natural science. They belong to the larger story of all thing’s birth, construction, and destruction.