Special Projects

CHART 2023

Highlighted presentations by individual artists

As part of the expanded programme for this year's art fair, we are delighted to spotlight several presentations by artists who are represented by galleries participating at CHART. These special presentations will be exhibited in the foyer and stairways leading up to the fair at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. For CHART 2023, make sure to look out for Special Projects by:

Aaron Heino (FI); Cristina de Miguel (ES); Eeva Karhu (FI); Frances Goodman (SA); Guðmundur Thoroddsen (IS).

Scroll down to find out more about the works that will be included in this year's Special Projects.

Aaron Heino, If There's No Other Way, 2022, aluminium and paint.

Courtesy of the artist and Galleria Heino

Aaron Heino (FI)

Aaron Heino's sculptures have always conveyed traditional values of beauty, albeit using an aesthetic that feels appropriate to the medium of contemporary sculpture. The works in Heino’s ‘citrus’ series are sculptural illusions in which stone, marble or cast aluminium appear like flesh, moulded by the artist as a metaphor for the mind.

Aaron Heino's work 'If There's No Other Way' (2022) will be presented as part of the Special Projects programme for CHART 2023 by Galleria Heino.

Cristina de Miguel, Four Things Happening At Once, 2023, oil stick on paper in white stained oak wood frame with Ultravue glass.

Courtesy of the artist and V1 Gallery. Photo by Jan Søndergaard

Cristina de Miguel (ES)

The female protagonists in Cristina de Miguel’s energetic and expressive works surf, dance, do yoga and perform exorcisms – even the ones lounging appear to be in action. Empowered radiant women, feeling freedom in their bodies. In her new suite of large-scale drawings, you experience freedom. The euphoria of being present in the moment. Freedom in form and being.

Three large works on paper by Cristina de Miguel will be presented as part of the Special Projects programme for CHART 2023 by V1 Gallery.

Eeva Karhu, Path (Moments) Spring 4, 2021, archival pigment print framed.

Courtesy of the artist and Persons Projects. © the artist

Eeva Karhu (FI)

Eeva Karhu uses the process of layering photographic images as a method for collecting the passage of time. In her ‘Path (Moments)’ series, Karhu photographs the route she walks to get home daily, over a period of three months. Layering all of these images together to capture a whole season in a single image, her photographs become an abstraction that alters reality by blurring the borders between one moment and the next.

Selected examples from Eeva Karhu's Path (Moments) series will be presented as part of the Special Projects programme for CHART 2023 by Persons Projects.

Spit/Swallow (2013/2016)

Courtesy of the artist and SPECTA

Frances Goodman

Frances Goodman’s Spit/Swallow (2013/2016) is a self-portrait of the artist and an iconic example of work investigating the thin line that exists between desire and disgust. Envisioned as a metaphoric play on female stereotypes, Spit/Swallow (2013/2016) considers: women who swallow their words, women who accept what is given to and expected of them, women who spit out their thoughts and feelings, women who reject societal expectations and norms, as well as the obvious sexual innuendo that the title references.

Frances Goodman's work Spit/Swallow will be presented as part of the Special Projects programme for CHART 2023 by SPECTA.

Guðmundur Thoroddsen, Two Guests, 2023, oil on canvas

Courtesy of the artist and Þula

Guðmundur Thoroddsen (IS)

Guðmundur Thoroddsen works primarily between the media of painting and sculpture. The artist often questions our histories, social structures, and ideas of masculinity. In his abstract works, Thoroddsen explores colour, shapes, texture, and atmosphere. The artist often plays with figurative gestures within his works, which is somewhat of an open invitation for the audience to experience the painting in their own personal ways.

A new painting by Guðmundur Thoroddsen will be presented as part of the Special Projects programme for CHART 2023 by Þula.