CHART Architecture 2024 Winner Announced

The results are in from this year's competition: the winner is Breeze!

After reviewing submissions from emerging architects across the Nordics, the jury invited 4 finalist teams to present their ideas, before selecting 1 winner.

Winning Proposal for CHART Architecture 2024:

  • Breeze by Emil Dupuis Bernild, Mikkel Harboe Wolff, Jonas Sarantaris & Shwan Soran Ali

Responding to the theme 'Neo Nordic Architecture' the team behind Breeze have proposed an inspiring exhibition structure made from local materials, that challenges the white cube gallery format.

Over the coming months, the team will develop their proposal in close dialogue with our partner ARUP, before commencing the build-up in August. The finished structure will then be ready at Charlottenborg during CHART, where it will be play an important role in setting the scene inside the Charlottenborg courtyards.

This year's competition jury have also decided to highlight 3 honourable mentions, among the different submissions received

Honourable Mentions for CHART Architecture 2024:

  • Art Sous Vide by Antonio Quirarte & Clemente Meyer

  • Protect Art! by Rron Bexheti, Jim Brunnestom, Max Gerthel & Jonas Nordgren

  • U Pavilion by Sara Kathrine Due Jaensch & Emil Qvist Klitgård

BREEZE — [Winning Proposal]

Breeze by Emil Dupuis Bernild, Mikkel Harboe Wolff, Jonas Sarantaris & Shwan Soran Ali

Selected as winner for CHART Architecture 2024

Breeze presents an assemblage of natural local materials. Using innovative construction principles to form a covered plaza, the proposal features an open structure with a flexible wall system providing exhibition space inside.

Engaging with Danish cultural history, the pavilion’s roof is formed from a canopy of sails that lets daylight through to illuminate exhibited artworks, whilst sheltering its occupants from any rain. At sunset, an adjustable lighting system with hundred of small lights will provide extra illumination. A grid system made of natural jute rope can then be lowered at night to close the structure and provide additional security.

No screws are used, so the standard measurement rafter beams can be returned to the store or used in new housing projects after use. The apples for the sails used in the roof canopy which will find new homes in the wind, connected to the masts of Danish ships.

The team behind Breeze is made up of Emil Dupuis Bernild, Mikkel Harboe Wolff, Jonas Sarantaris & Shwan Soran Ali.

Quote from the Jury:

"The winner of the 10-year anniversary pavilion is Breeze. In its pure simplicity, a square wooden roof structure, simultaneously monumental and airy, is upheld by seemingly randomly placed plates. These serve not only as structural pillars, but also as platforms for displaying artworks, blurring the line between function and aesthetics. This design fosters an inviting atmosphere for informal social gatherings, day or night. By day, the walls will be rolled up allowing free passage into and through the gallery space, while its translucent walls will make it act as a light box and a hang-out space in the evening. With focus on design for disassembly and the life cycle of the chosen materials, Breeze has a longevity beyond the 3 days of the art fair."

ART SOUS VIDE — [Honourable Mention]

Art Sous Vide by Antonio Quirarte & Clemente Meyer

Honourable Mention for CHART Architecture 2024

Art Sous Vide reimagines the exhibition of art, aiming for a more accessible experience that retains the essence of gallery and museum settings. The project’s approach focuses on vacuum-sealing (“sous-vide” in French) the exhibited artworks in order to ensure their protection whilst also referencing consumerism and incorporating these new plastic surfaces into the overall structure.

Built from a scaffolding system, the pavilion is designed to evoke a traditional market place, whilst also offering a linear path between each exhibited work. The project takes tonal inspiration from the copper roof at Charlottenborg and utilises sustainably sourced fabric for seating and roofing, whilst prioritising the reuse of vacuum bags.

The team behind Art Sous Vides is made up of Antonio Quirarte and Clemente Meyer.

Quote from the Jury:

"The proposal Art Sous Vide receives an honourable mention for its radical idea of vacuum sealing the art works and displaying them as products in transparent suspended plastic bags. The proposal offers an original and playful way to interact with art and make it more accessible."

PROTECT ART! — [Honourable Mention]

Protect Art! by Rron Bexheti, Jim Brunnestom, Max Gerthel & Jonas Nordgren

Honourable Mention for CHART Architecture 2024

Protect Art! proposes a Neo Nordic shelter for the Arts developed for a time defined by an acute need for inclusiveness and crisis awareness. Composed of basic elements that are readily available in most places in the world, the structure foregrounds: earth, textile and scaffolding.

A central sheltered exhibition space is formed from two spiralling walls of sandbags that is covered by a canopy of plastic tarpaulin. An additional curtain around the edge, shelters visitors and artworks from wind and sunlight. Utilising wood chips that will later be donated to allotment gardens and sand that will be returned to beaches outside of Copenhagen, the proposal ensures that all materials can be reused once the structure is disassembled.

The team behind Protect Art is made up of Rron Bexheti, Jim Brunnestom, Max Gerthel and Jonas Nordgren.

Quote from the Jury:

"The proposal Protect Art! receives an honourable mention for its ambitious endeavour to establish connections between the apparent fragmentation of the current international society and the imperative role contemporary art should play in addressing this issue. By utilising sandbags as tangible symbols of global emergencies, the proposal effectively communicates a message that is both familiar and distant from the everyday life of Copenhagen, creating an inviting, protecting and yet unsettling space."

U PAVILION — [Honourable Mention]

U Pavilion by Sara Kathrine Due Jaensch & Emil Qvist Klitgård

Honourable Mention for CHART Architecture 2024

U Pavilion offers a conceptual approach to the architectural mindset and the legacy of built structures. Constructed from rain gutters and scaffolding, the pavilion embodies ideas of versatility and reusability.

Ease of dismantling and repurpose-ability has been prioritised in this structure. U Pavilion aspires to build a complex yet beautiful exhibition space with minimal need to manipulate the different building materials’ original intended use function. The rain gutters can be taken off and used as intended elsewhere, the scaffolding returned. All is borrowed, shared, and carefully used on a short-term basis.

The team behind U Pavilion is made up of Sara Kathrine Due Jaensch and Emil Qvist Klitgård.

Quote from the Jury:

"The proposal U Pavilion receives an honourable mention for its adept transformation of standardised elements into a harmoniously composed pavilion. Well-crafted from easily reusable rain gutters and scaffolding, it exemplifies the potential for material repurposing while seamlessly merging the ambiance of a construction site with that of a contemporary and obviously temporary art space."

CHART Architecture Partners

We would like to express our gratitude towards each of the organisations who have partnered with us for CHART Architecture 2024.

CHART Architecture 2024 is made possible by the generous support of the philanthropic association Realdania as well as Københavns Kommune, Beckett-Fonden, Statens Kunstfond, FOSS, Dreyers Fond, STARK Fonden.

Arup will be a mentoring partner and will provide professional and technical guidance for the selected team as they work on their construction.

CHART Architecture Jury

We would like to extend our warmest thanks go out to this year's competition jury:

Søren Pihlmann

Søren Pihlmann is the founder of Copenhagen-based office pihlmann architects. His practice blends exploration of future building materials with an appreciation for existing resources, from the overproduced to the underestimated. His approach connects these elements based on their true qualities in the search for progressive narratives based on what is at hand.

Photo by Lasse Dearman

Tyra Dokkedahl

Tyra Dokkedahl is an architect and journalist. She is the director of Seriously Fun – a bureau for art and communication in architecture and co-initiator of Empathic Environments – a curatorial platform for interdisciplinary art projects in public realm. Across projects and positions she has consistently explored art as a medium to create meaning and sense of belonging and as a tool to create innovation, develop new ideas and shape future imaginaries.

Dokkedahl graduated from the Danish School of Media & Journalism and Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture and is represented on the board of representatives of the Danish Architects' Association.

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen is Dean of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation. His research centers on the relation between the built environment and health in sub-Saharan Africa. In conjunction with his academic work, Jakob has extensive practical experience with constructions in Europe, Africa, and Asia as head of Ingvartsen Architects.

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy. He is currently on the board of representatives at the Danish Arts Foundation.