hurricane publishing (DK)

hurricane publishing was founded in 1999 by the visual artist Vibe Bredahl. hurricane publishing is dedicated to promoting and publishing extraordinary, odd, and exclusive books of art and poetry. hurricane publishing takes great delight in publishing artist books: books conceived by artists as artworks.

Curated for

For CHART Book & Print Fair 2024, hurricane publishing will present a new collection of poems: ‘Min hud er ikke din’ by Tomas Lagermand Ludme, alongside an exclusive new art book 'En bog om kunst, alkymi, proces og natur' by Cecillia Westerberg. Besides new publications, hurricane publishing will also present a selection of artist books released in recent years.

Cecilia Westerberg, En bog om kunst, alkymi, proces og natur, 2024

Tomas Lagermand Lundme, Min hud er ikke din, 2024

Anders Lee-Larsen, CTRL SHIFT END

Courtesy of hurricane publishing