Northing/Kinakaal forlag (NO/CN)

Northing aims to promote cultural exchange between Norway and East Asia through exhibition programs, publications, artist talks, performances, and other cultural events. In Bergen, Northing currently consists of the exhibition room Northing Space, the art publisher Kinakaal forlag, and the art and design bookshop Elephanten. For the past four years in a row, Kinakaal Forlag has been a recipient of “The Most Beautiful Books of the Year” award in Norway.

Northing Space / Kinakaal Forlag
Østre Skostredet 10
NO-5017 Bergen
(+47) 450 74 263

Curated for

For CHART Book & Print Fair 2024, Northing and Kinakaal Forlag will present all of their award-winning publications alongside original prints and paper collages. In addition to their own productions, Northing will also present selected books and prints, collected from their art publishing friends in Norway and East Asia.

Quite Friends, Rain, 2024

Chie&Rei, Quiet Friends, 2024

Quite Friends, Cloudy, 2024

Chie&Rei, Quiet Friends, 2024

Northing/Kinakaal forlag, 2024