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Northing/Kinakaal (NO/CH)

Founded by architect Ben Wenhou Yu and designer Yilei Wang in Bergen, Norway, Northing is a multi-functional space with a focus on exhibition, publication, design, cultural events and cross-cultural communication. Based in Bergen, Norway and with an East Asian cultural background, Northing is dedicated to promoting East Asian culture among artists and designers to Norway and the other way round. In 2019, Northing started it’s own publishing house Kinakaal Forlag, to explore more possibilities on paper-based publication projects.

Northing Space / Kinakaal Forlag
Østre Skostredet 10,
5017 Bergen, Norway
+47 45074263

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At CHART, Northing will launch the Nordic Mini Zine project at the book fair. It’s an on-going collaboration between Northing and Shanghai based independent bookstore Bananafish. In 2019, Northing collected 100 Mini Zines from 100 Norwegian artists and illustrators. Later this project was extended to other Nordic countries including Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Each country has now it’s own Mini Zine box set with 12 artists from or based in that country. Northing will also bring with them some books published under their own publishing house Kinakaal Forlag.

100 Norwegian Minizine box, 2019

Elsewhere / 門當弗對, Fredrik Rysjedal & Wang Shuo, back, 2018

Elsewhere / 門當弗對, Fredrik Rysjedal & Wang Shuo, front, 2018

Fjell Hav Poesi / 山海詩, Bergen, 2020

Fjell Hav Poesi / 山海詩, Shanghai, 2020

GIRL.CN, 2019

Habitat / 栖, 2017

More Free Gifts, Friberg & Røthe Arnesen, 2021

More Free Gifts, Friberg & Røthe Arnesen, cover, 2021

TVILLINGSONG / 双子之歌, Anne Tveit Knutsen, cover, 2021

TVILLINGSONG / 双子之歌, Anne Tveit Knutsen, 2021

Norwegian minizines, 2019