bladr (DK)

Bladr is an artist-run space dedicated to artist books in all conceivable formats. Bladr creates spaces and exchange opportunities for artists and art professionals working locally and internationally with art publishing, in the broader sense of the word. Through exhibitions, lectures and workshops, the collective aims to share knowledge and resources for the benefit of people of all ages. Bladr is a non-profit, voluntary association run by artists, curators and critics.

Curated for

For CHART Book & Print Fair 2024, Bladr will showcase artists’ books from Denmark and abroad. The presentation will focus on experimentation, working with and through the format of an artist’s publication. Alongside artist books, the presentation will also feature a selection of limited edition prints.

Clement Mogensen, The Ice Is Melting at the Poles, 2021

E. B. Itso and Adams, End of the Line, 2013

Morten Søndergaard, Ordapoteket, 2024

Wei Weng, Eat a Chily, 2021

bladr, interior view at Griffenfelsgade 27, Copehagen

Courtesy of bladr