Blackbook Publications (SE)

Blackbook Publications is an artist book collective, established in Gothenburg in 2009. Since the start, we have published books and other printed material by interesting artists from the Scandinavian scene of contemporary photography.

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Blackbook Publications will present a wide range of different photobooks, zines and artist’s books from Swedish photographers such as: Lotta Törnroth, Kalle Sanner, Simon Mlangeni-Berg, Mari Lagerqvist, Rikard Laving, Agnes Thor, Eva-Terez Gölin, Emanuel Cederqvist and Signe Vad.

Kalle Sanner, Lukas/Markus, 2018

Lotta Törnroth, I wait as a Lighthouse, 2013

Simon Mlangeni-Berg, Wounds, 2017

Mari Lagerqvist, Wounded by the Storm, 2020

Rikard Laving, The Broken Lens, 2021

Emanuel Cederqvist, The Ditch, 2021

Kalle Sanner, Lukas/Markus, 2018

Courtesy of ll'Editions and Blackbook Publications