CHART Architecture 2024 Competition Announced

CHART Architecture returns for its 10th edition with a new open call competition for emerging architects and architectural studios.

Long Live Architecture!

CHART Architecture returns this year for its 10th edition and we are proud to announce a new open call to celebrate this anniversary. Since the beginning, CHART Architecture has focused on bringing architecture into close dialogue with contemporary art. To mark 10 years of inspiring creative collaborations, we are calling for innovative proposals for a new exhibition structure to be installed at Charlottenborg. Imagined as an irresistible space for contemporary art, we are looking for projects that combines art and architecture to challenge the traditional white cube gallery format.

Open to emerging architects and architectural studios, the competition starts at 12:00 on Tuesday 16 April when the brief will be released via our website. There you will find specific information about what your application should contain. Teams will then have 10 days to submit their application before the competition closes on Friday 26 April. Proposals will be judged by this year’s expert competition jury who will select 1 proposal based on strength of concept, execution and materials. The winning team will then be invited to realise their project at Charlottenborg this August during CHART.

The theme for CHART Architecture 2024 is Neo Nordic Architecture. Nordic architecture has in recent years gained a reputation for its simple elegance, close connection with nature, and strong emphasis on sustainability. CHART Architecture 2024 will encourage all applicants to foreground ideas of functionality and sustainability, particularly emphasising that the final structure must be easy to dismantle and reinstall in a new context.

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Key Information

  • Tuesday 16 April 2024 12:00 (CET): CHART Architecture 2024 brief released via

  • 10 day open call

  • Wednesday 26 April 2024 23:59 (CET): Submission deadline for proposals

  • Theme: Neo Nordic Architecture

  • Proposed structures should be able to accommodate an enclosed exhibition of contemporary artworks of all media

  • Structures must be designed to withstand inclement weather and must be closeable and secure at night

  • Proposals should foreground functionality and sustainability, with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable building practices

  • Open to teams of emerging architects and architectural studios (established after 2019)

  • All team members must have graduated from a masters degree programme at an accredited architectural school

  • All team members must be based in Denmark

  • Finalists announced 1 May 2024

  • First prize award to include an afterlife for the winning structure in a prominent context after the competition

Build up of Habitat by Martin Viggo Meincke and Astrid Marie Strandbygaard, in collaboration with Enemærke & Petersen, STARK and Raunstrup as part of CHART Architecture 2023

Photo by Joakim Züger / BARSK Projects

Build up of Petal by Lasovsky Johansson Architects (Juras Lasovsky and Hanna Johansson) as part of CHART Architecture 2023

Photo by Joakim Züger / Barsk Projects

2024 Competition Jury

For CHART Architecture 2024 we are delighted to welcome an expert jury of specialists in Nordic Architecture. This year’s jury features: architect Søren Pihlmann, founder of pihlmann architects and a previous finalist of CHART Architecture having participated in the competition’s first edition in 2014; architect and journalist Tyra Dokkedahl, founder of Seriously Fun and specialising in the meeting points between art, architecture and communications; architect Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen, Dean of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation.

Søren Pihlmann

Søren Pihlmann is the founder of Copenhagen-based office pihlmann architects. His practice blends exploration of future building materials with an appreciation for existing resources, from the overproduced to the underestimated. His approach connects these elements based on their true qualities in the search for progressive narratives based on what is at hand.

Photo by Lasse Dearman

Tyra Dokkedahl

Tyra Dokkedahl is an architect and journalist. She is the director of Seriously Fun – a bureau for art and communication in architecture and co-initiator of Empathic Environments – a curatorial platform for interdisciplinary art projects in public realm. Across projects and positions she has consistently explored art as a medium to create meaning and sense of belonging and as a tool to create innovation, develop new ideas and shape future imaginaries.

Dokkedahl graduated from the Danish School of Media & Journalism and Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture and is represented on the board of representatives of the Danish Architects' Association.

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen is Dean of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation. His research centers on the relation between the built environment and health in sub-Saharan Africa. In conjunction with his academic work, Jakob has extensive practical experience with constructions in Europe, Africa, and Asia as head of Ingvartsen Architects.

Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy. He is currently on the board of representatives at the Danish Arts Foundation.

“CHART Architecture 2024 celebrates a decade of visionary and creative architecture through a temporary pavilion for art! We look forward to challenging the boundaries between art and architecture, and to shaping the future through the transformative power of architecture!”

Julie Quottrup Silbermann

Director at CHART

CHART Architecture 2023, night time view Charlottenborg courtyard

Photo by Joakim Züger / BARSK Projects