Rojal (SE)

Rojal is a publishing project started in the spring of 2012 by Olle Essvik and Joel Nordqvist for experiments, collaborations and discoveries relating to the distribution of narratives, ideas, objects and images. We publish everything from artists' books to photo books, multiples and theory, in small handcrafted editions, collaborating with artists and writers throughout the process.

Paternostergatan 20
41467 Göteborg

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At CHART Book Fair 2022, Rojal will present some of their new publications: Olle Essvik’s library of 'Eaten Books'; the latest edition of Linda Hilfling Ritasdatter’s 'Endless Endtime' (a complete index of all elements leading to the end of the world); and 'The Computer as Seen at the End of the Human Age', a book of algorithmic works by 13 international artists working with code.

Courtesy of Rojal