RSS Press (DK)

RSS Press publishes artistic and curatorial research as stand alone projects or part of an extended practice, as well as commissioning new works from artists, theorists and writers, both emerging and established. We also publish literary and theoretical works.

Stevnsgade 11, st. th.
DK-2200 Copenhagen
(+45) 20 66 58 55

Curated for

For CHART Book & Print Fair 2024, RSS Press will present several new publications, including 'Æter/Aether', which takes up the theme of the ether as it is seen in the histories of science and of art, and speculates on its contemporary value as a concept for thinking about the ineffable aspects of art and aesthetic experience. Look out also for 'Dura Mater' by Nanna Lysholt Hansen, hot off the press for this year’s CHART Book & Print Fair!

Æter/Aether, 2024

Kristian Byskov and Margarita del Carmen, The City in the Sandbox, 2022

Rune Peitersen, Raabjerg, 2022

Julie Sass, Image: temporary constellation, 2022

Sidsel Nelund, Things in Contemporary Curating: The Aesthetics of the Right to Assemble and the Need to Withdraw