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Ane Graff, States of Inflammation, 2019, various materials. Photo by Pirje Mykkänen.
Courtesy the artist, OSL contemporary and Kansallisgalleria, Finnish National Gallery.

Ane Graff (NO, b. 1974)

In the core of the work by Ane Graff is the material relationships and how the human is deeply connected with and to its surroundings. Her works at the Venice Biennale had the title "States of Inflammation" and Graff has written a short piece on the actuality of the work in these days.

Excerpt from the text:
“Having a work on view called "States of Inflammation" all the while there is an epidemic of inflamed lungs out there, is quite something. Hopefully, this situation can create some awareness of the systems we are part of and the material reality they create. I find this very important: it is widely accepted within biomedical science that there is a strong nexus between emerging infectious diseases such as this one and the material footprint of capitalist processes of extraction and accumulation: mining, logging, and intensive agriculture have the effect of fragmenting wild habitats, increasing the risk of human exposure to pathogens in the wildlife. (....)”

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