Steina, Bad, 1979, ¾“ U-matic video, color, sound, 2:10 min
Photo credit: All images courtesy of BERG Contemporary and the artist.

Hulda Stefándóttir (IS, b. 1972)
Steina (IS, b. 1940)

BERG Contemporary focuses on the works of two women artists of different generations and media, Hulda Stefánsdóttir and Steina.

Hulda Stefánsdóttir has created a strong array of works in her research of what constitutes a painting, its medium and context. She has continually played on its presentation within the exhibition space, often focusing her works together as a whole, that speaks directly into the given architectural frame.

Steina is a renowned pioneering video artist, whose video works have continued to push the envelope since the 1960s. She founded the multi-disciplinary art and performance space "The Kitchen" in 1971 with her husband, Woody Vasulka, and has explored the entire range of possibilities in video art, from documentaries to purely machine-generated art and creating many of the technologies still used today within the electronic media.

Behind the scenes

A short introduction video to BERG Contemporary who at this years CHART are showing the art by artists Hulda Stefándóttir and Steina