Programme 2023

Join us for a full schedule of artist talks, panel discussions, performances, screenings, live music, DJ sets and more!

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  • 27 Aug

    12.00 — 12.30

    Artist Talk: Lulama Wolf

    Talks Venue

    Lulama Wolf is a visual artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Wolf’s paintings aim to challenge various concepts of modernity and reclaim the language of time. Striving to promote a sense of community in all aspects of her work, Wolf’s practice actively engages in dialogue with both her artistic and familial predecessors.

    For CHART 2023, we are delighted to present a talk between Lulama Wolf and Fatoş Üstek, an independent curator and writer based in London. In October 2023, Üstek will curate Frieze Sculpture 2023, London.

  • 27 Aug

    13.00 — 13.30

    Artist Talk: Leo Park

    Talks Venue

    Leo Park is a Stockholm-based painter. Using a distinctly contemporary form of expression, Park delves into art history to fuse traditional imagery with modern references and sensibilities, in a playful search for new perspectives relating to the tradition of painting. The results are oil paintings that pay homage to legendary artists, while still appearing decidedly fresh.

    For CHART 2023, we are delighted to present a talk between Leo Park and Markús Þór Andrésson, Chief Curator of Exhibitions and Public Engagement at Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland.

  • 27 Aug

    14.00 — 14.45

    Talk: Collecting Artist Books

    Talks Venue

    What makes artist books significant and deserving of collection? Listen to a panel discussion on the subject moderated by the art historian and author Thomas Millroth featuring Sara Lubich, co-founder of platform for artists' books Bladr, Sunna Ástþórsdóttir, Director and Chair of the Living Art Museum, Reykjavík and Rita Marhaug, Head of the Board at Foreningen Trykkeriet, a center for contemporary printmaking in Bergen, and co-founder of the publisher Codex Polaris. Among other things, the conversation will explore the unique qualities, artistic merits and broader cultural value of artist books.

  • 27 Aug

    15.00 — 15.30

    Artist Talk: Frances Goodman

    Talks Venue

    Frances Goodman’s work employs the materials of the beauty industry to interrogate the portrayal of women in contemporary society, thereby drawing attention to popular cultural definitions that narrow the possibilities of identity to extremes of consumption, obsession, desire, and anxiety. Physical presentation and transformation are both a crushing expectation and a source of empowerment for the archetypes in Goodman’s elaborate sculptures and installations.

    For CHART 2023, we are delighted to present a talk between Frances Goodman and Marie-Ann Yemsi, Independent Exhibition Curator, Contemporary Art Consultant and Member of the Board of Directors at Palais de Tokyo - Center for Contemporary Creation in Paris.

  • 27 Aug

    16.00 — 16.45

    Talk: When Art and Business Meet

    Talks Venue

    Join us for a panel discussion taking you behind the scenes of some of Denmark's most visionary companies that strategically collaborate with contemporary artists. The conversation between Mads Nørgaard, CEO and Founder of Mads Nørgaard, Rose Eken, Visual Artist and Anders Byriel, CEO of Kvadrat explores why companies are integrating art into the corporate environment, the different possible forms that the relationship between artist and business can take, and the potential for mutually positive impact and creative connection when these relationships are formed. The talk will be moderated by Michael Solgaard, the author of the book ‘Med Kunsten som Indsats – møder mellem erhvervsliv og samtidskunst’ also presented at CHART Book Fair by Strandberg Publishing.