CHART De-centred publication free to read

CHART presents its first publication which unites the multitude of artistic expressions alongside commissioned texts from leading voices in the international art scene.

CHART De-centred publication

In 2020, CHART presented an exceptional edition launching a new de-centred format across the five Nordic capitals. The fair was presented in the participating galleries' own spaces in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavík and Stockholm, exhibiting works by 100% women artists.

Alongside the fair, talks and performances, CHART published the CHART De-centred reader.

“We hope this publication can stand independently of the fair. It is a critical document of the current state of the art world as seen through the lens of the galleries presented at CHART and their represented artists.”

David Risley, commissioning editor

CHART De-centred

The 200-page CHART De-centred reader features works by 76 exceptional artists presented at CHART combined with newly commissioned texts from 21 voices from across the art world. Read through historical and contextual pieces, artists’ conversations, interviews with collectors and museum directors, critical overviews, diary excerpts, and more.

Writers and contributors include Jennifer Higgie (Frieze Magazine), Kenny Schachter (Artnet), Christian Viveros-Fauné (The New Yorker, Art Review, ArtNews), Zoé Whitley (Chisenhale Gallery, London), Valeria Napoleone (Collector and Art Patron) and Gitte Ørskou (Moderna Museet, Stockholm).

Physical copies of the book are available in Walther König’s bookstores across Europe and in their online shop. In Denmark it can be purchased at SMK or Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Read a free digital version here.

Book design by Laura Silke, photo by Donald Michael Chambers

"I hope this book can play a role in reshaping the art world to become a fairer, more nuanced reflection of the world we live in – however changing it may be.”

Nanna Hjortenberg

Former Director of CHART

"Elsa Gress and the De-centred" by Helle Brøns.

Book design by Laura Silke, photo by Donald Michael Chambers

“Carving out a new Mythology" by Frederik Rørmann on the influence of art history in the works of Emma Helle, Siri Elfhag, and Sif Itona Westerberg

Designet by Laura Silke, photo by Donald Michael Chambers