Meet the Publisher - Praun & Guermouche

A Q&A interview with graphic designer Sandra Praun and artist Oscar Guermouche, founders of the Stockholm-based publishing house, Praun & Guermouche.

Mara Lee, Loving Others, Othering Love

Courtesy of Praun & Guermouche

What made you first want to start publishing books?

Our collaboration started with editing and designing books for other publishers. After a few years we decided to establish our own publishing house, mainly in order to have full control of the books, even beyond the production process, and to elaborate on questions such as: In what contexts should the book be seen? In which museum collections and libraries should it be included? How can a book be kept present over time? How can it be activated and reactivated in the future?

How important are ideas of collecting to the publishing industry?

Through public and semi-public collections, our books are spread to more readers than we could otherwise reach, and the books are preserved over time.

Annee Olofsson, This Is Annee Olofsson

Courtesy of Praun & Guermouche

Are all books art objects? When does book making become an art form?

An artist's book, designed and produced by an artist, constitutes an artwork. A book about an artwork, or about an artistic oeuvre, does not constitute a work of art but is an art book. Our publishing consists of both artists' books and art books as well as books in the borderland between.

Do you think that books belong in museums? If so why, if not why not?

Art in book form, an artist's book, belongs in a museum in the same way as other art works.

Anders Ängsvik, Roadkill

Courtesy of Praun & Guermouche

Do you collect books? What sort of books interest you most?

We collect books in all possible genres – it can be anything from art books and poetry to cookbooks and military customs guides. Some books are acquired for their content and others for their design.

Oscar Guermouche, Eye of the Tiger

Courtesy of Praun & Guermouche