Architecture 2018

Zero-waste, knitted leftovers, flat-pack architecture and 72 chairs turned into a pavilion. Young designers, architects and artists challenged our ideas of form and material with their pavilions created from the theme “Open Source”.

CHART Architecture 2018, Photo by BARSK

In 2018, CHART Architecture challenged participants to unfold the potential of open-source through temporary pavilion structures. Open-source points towards new ways of living and designing through its diverse frame of reference from new technologies to architectural theory and modular design. We find inspiration in the oldest type of open source systems to the newest - from knowledge given from generation to generation in vernacular houses to the newest types of collaborative processes.

Of 51 proposals by 138 architects from 34 different schools, five projects were chosen to be realised at CHART 2018. Three of these five finalists are cross-disciplinary and other than architects also consisted of a textile designer, an artist and a photographer. The pavilions explored the concept of “Open Source” in artistic ways and operated in the cross sections of art, design and architecture. The finalists made use of molecular design, recycled plastic and innovative takes on traditional crafts and digital technologies.


CHART Architecture 2018, FRAME, Photo by BARSK

Architecture students Malte Harrig and Vitus Karsten Bjerre, collaborated with art-photographer student Katrine Hoff on the FRAME pavilion. It is inspired by the way we transport fine art, and can be flat-packed for easy transportation and further use.


CHART Architecture 2018, OPEN RESOURCE, Photo by BARSK

The architecture students Dennis Andersson, Mikkel Møller Roesdahl and Xan Browne created the pavilion OPEN RESOURCE with the wish to share the aesthetic potential of recycled plastic. This pavilion housed CHARTs primary cocktail bar in collaboration with Belvedere vodka.


CHART Architecture 2018, The Many Chairs, Photo by BARSK

Art student Sofia Luna Steenholdt, architecture student Joachim Makholm Michelsen and architects Emil Bruun Meyer and Casper Phillip Ebbesen created the pavillon “The Many Chairs Pavillion” using leftover materials from CNC produced open source chairs: 72 chais, one pavilion, zero-waste. The pavilion housed the restaurant Paté Paté.


CHART Architecture 2018, Tight Knit, Photo by BARSK

Architecture student Jan Sienkiewicz and textile design student Uta Sienkiewicz used traditional crafting techniques in large scale to create a knitted pavilion which housed the bar Rogue Oysters.


CHART Architecture 2018, Sum of Us A Cloud of Human Emotion, Photo by BARSK

Architect Sean Lyon is behind the Sum Of Us A Cloud of Human Emotions which was a physical manifestation of the “Open Source” idea and combined the thought of unlimited knowledge in a tight physical form. The pavilion illustrates the internet’s never ending knowledge bank in the “cloud”. The pavilion was created in collaboration with SPACE 10.

The pavilions were chosen by an jury of international profiles including Bjarke Ingels, architect and founder of BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group; Beatrice Galilee, curator of architecture and design at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art; Ben Clement and Sebastian De La Cour (benandsebastian), artist-duo; Simon Frommenwiler, architect and co-founder of HHF architects; Susanne Ottesen, owner of Galleri Susanne Ottesen and co-founder of CHART; Thomas Lommée, founder and partner of OpenStructures and Intra-structures.

The winning pavilion was “Tight Knit” by Jan Sienkiewicz and Uta Sienkiewicz. The duo was offered a mentorship programme in collaboration with Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen, architect and founding partner of Spacon&X, Simon Frommenwiler, architect and co-founder of HHF Architects and Klaus Kastbjerg, CEO and director of Union Holding A/S, to stimulate and support young architects’ careers.

CHART Architecture 2018, Tight Knit, Photo by BARSK


CHART Architecture is an open 72-hour competition inviting postgraduate students or newly graduated architects, designers and artists working in the Nordic region to explore and challenge the crossovers between art, design and architecture through realising temporary pavilions for CHART.

The 2018 concept was OPEN-SOURCE and challenged the participants to unfold the potential of open-source content through modular design and cross collaborations, creating a platform for aesthetic experimentation and reusable design.

CHART Architecture 2018 was realised in partnership with Realdania, Dreyer's Foundation, FOSS, Statens Kunstfond and the City of Copenhagen. Knowledge and resource partners for the project include SPACE10, Arup and KADK.

CHART Architecture 2018, FRAME, Photo by BARSK