Renowned Japanese performance artist Tatsumi Orimoto will present Bread Man, a work he has performed around the world since 1991. With loaves of bread wrapped around his head obscuring his face, Orimoto walks around a public space and greets people he meets, inviting them to engage in the absurd humorous actions. What matters above all is the effect he has on the people he encounters.


The work is presented in collaboration with KØS, Denmark’s only museum dedicated to art in public spaces, where Orimoto is currently part of group show, In your heart I In your city, which runs until September 4, 2016. Bread Man is part of a two day Orimoto Festival at KØS, where the artist will also presents 50 GRANDMAMAs, for which he will invite 50 grandmothers to share a meal in the square in front of KØS. Orimoto (b. 1946) is currently based in Kawasaki, Japan.

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