For the 5th anniversary of the fair, CHART DESIGN has invited the textile designer Nina Lolle to reinterpret tote bags produced in 2013 for the first edition of CHART.


Each bag is made by hand, using a foil printing technique developed specifically for the project. By folding the bag, fixing the foil and finally cutting up the folds, a unique, abstract composition reveals itself on top of the old design. A naive and playful process resulting in a bold and colourful design through which the old print peaks out.



About Nina Lolle


Nina Lolle is a textile designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds a Masters in Textile Design from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has studied at The Royal Academy of Art The Hague and Kolding School of Design. In her practice she investigates materials, their functions and methods of production, with a special focus on the processes and aesthetics of recycling.

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