Persons Projects

Tiina Itkonen, Nannup, Amia, 2016
© Tiina Itkonen. Courtesy of Persons Projects

Anni Leppälä (FI, b. 1981)
Eeva Karhu (FI, b. 1980)
Niina Vatanen (FI, b. 1977)
Sandra Kantanen (FI, b. 1974)
Sanna Kannisto (FI, b. 1974)
Teea Saanio (FI, b. 1994)
Tiina Itkonen (FI, b. 1968)
Ulla Jokisalo (FI, b. 1955)

Persons Projects present eight Finnish artists from different generations who work with the medium of photography. These selected artists use their internal compass to intrinsically measure and guide their perspective in interpreting the landscape they live in. Historically, Nordic culture abides by the power generated by the changing of the four seasons. Each of these natural time periods either by its wrath or grace, notches its mark upon its passing, leaving a reminder in its wake of how fragile our human presence is within it.

Persons Projects
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