New podcast: Powerful voices in the Danish art scene discuss how to create a better balanced art market


14 October 2020


CHART 2020

This year, The Bikuben Foundation’s talk and debate platform ‘VISION’ took place in collaboration with CHART to address the challenge of gender imbalance in the art scene. The challenge is ancient, but unfortunately still necessary. Powerful voices in the Danish art scene discussed the systemic challenge of gender imbalance in the art market and how each and all of us can push for change.

The talk is now available as podcast (Danish only). Download HERE.

The panel includes: gallerist Jesper Elg from V1 Gallery, gallerist Gitte Johannesen from SPECTA Gallery, artist Nina Beier, art collector Sara Lysgaard, Director Michael Thouber from Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Chairman Christine Buhl Andersen of the New Carlsberg Foundation, Director Mikkel Bogh from National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), and Director Nanna Hjortenberg from CHART. Art critic and curator Louise Steiwer moderates the talk.

Quotes from the talk:

“To put action behind the words and not just make a debate program, we decided that the curation consisted of showing exclusively female artists. So it’s also a collective statement from the galleries that we’re working on. CHART wants to show that we start with ourselves and at the same time invite the rest of the professional environment to contribute to how we solve it,” – Director of CHART Nanna Hjortenberg

“We can all argue that it is not about gender, but about artistic quality, but then we have to talk about how we understand that concept. We know there is no universal truth about what artistic quality is. It’s something we create in plenary while writing art history, etc., but what about all the groups in society that are not seen and heard. We must learn to include all the voices in society that are not represented.” – Artist Nina Beier

Thanks to The Bikuben Foundation  for making the event and podcast happen. And thanks to Karen Lerbech for producing the podcast.

Photos by Luna Stage.


Mikkel Bogh, Director of National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)
Michael Thouber, Director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Participants at the talk at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Christine Buhl Andersen, Chairman of the New Carlsberg Foundation
Nanna Hjortenberg, Director of CHART