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Thoughts of Me Press (DK)

Thoughts of Me Press is a publishing studio working to escalate the energy of publishing and demonstrate the relevance of producing with impulsiveness – sporty and intuitive. A media outlet to showcase the book as a modern medium in its own artistic rightfulness and to do so with a strong backing.

Thoughts of Me Press
Esbern Snares Gade 16
1725 København V
+45 31 41 83 80

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For CHART 2021, Thoughts of Me Press will present a variety of publications made in collaboration with artists, photographers and writers with the intention of reinterpreting the book as a medium - whether it be investigating the relationship of casual sex, tourism in a limestone quarry in Turkey, attitude adjustment or getting a 3mm haircut. Also, there will be merch.

TMP Merch

TMP Merch

The Ice Is Melting at the Poles, Clement Mogensen

Towards Future Ways of Being, Guenda Mariotti


All I Wanted Was a New Haircut, Klaus Heisterberg

Towards Future Ways of Being, Guenda Mariotti

Oliver Sundqvist & Frederik Nystrup-Larsen private collection exhibition catalogue

First 40