Praun & Guermouche (SE)

Established in 2020 by graphic designer Sandra Praun and artist Oscar Guermouche, Praun & Guermouche focuses on the publication of art books, essays, and artists’ books. All of Praun & Guermouche’s books are edited, designed, and produced by its two founders, who believe that the way books convey art has intrinsic value, and accordingly that books should both reflect and complement the art they depict.

Curated for

For CHART Book Fair 2023, Praun & Guermouche will present their full catalogue of publications, and host two book signings with artist Annee Olofsson.

Oscar Guermouche, Eye of the Tiger. Image credit: Praun & Guermouche

Mara Lee, Loving Others, Othering Love. Image credit: Praun & Guermouche

Sandra Praun, Noir – A Serendipitous Encyclopedia Inspired by 1001 Names for the Color Black. Image credit: Praun & Guermouche

Anders Ängsvik, Roadkill. Image credit: Praun & Guermouche

Annee Olofsson, This Is Annee Olofsson. Image credit: Praun & Guermouche

Praun & Guermouche, 2023

Courtesy of Praun & Guermouche