Objektiv Press (NO)

Objektiv was founded in 2009 by Nina Strand together with Ida Kierulf and Susanne Østby Sæther. In 2016, Brian Sholis and Lucas Blalock joined the editorial board. Between 2018 and 2020, Objektiv hosted Lisa Andrine Bernhoft’s platform ArtConstructs. Objektiv is supported by Fritt Ord, Norsk Kulturråd and Norsk Fotografisk Fond.

PB 6615 St Olavs Plass
0129 Oslo

Curated for

Twice a year, Objektiv Press publishes an essay-book on a tendency within photography. For CHART Book Fair 2022, Objektiv Press will present books by Morten Andenæs, Lucas Blalock, Lisa Bernhoft-Sjødin and Nina Strand. Photographic editions by artists whose work is included in these books will also be presented including: Carmen Winant, Ayo Akinsete and Ola Rindal.

Objektiv #18, Elle Pérez, Nicole, 2018

Courtesy Elle Pérez & 47 Canal