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Heavy Books (NO)

Heavy Books is an artist-run publishing project and exhibition platform founded by Christian Tunge in 2014. We make limited edition books, zines and other printed matter with a special focus on contemporary photography.

Curated for

CHART will host the international launch of four new publications by emerging Norwegian and Danish photographers. Heavy Books will also showcase a selection of artists' books, editions, prints and t-shirts made in the last couple of years. Several of the artists we have been publishing, such as Erik Gustafsson, will also attend the fair for book signings, and show work in various galleries.

This Is Farewell, Erik Gustafsson, front, 2020

This Is Farewell, Erik Gustafsson, back, 2020

Bergen Art Book Fair

Gym, Hilde Honderud

A Wave From It All, Andreas Meinich

Too Familiar To Ignore, Too Different To Tolerate, Christian Tunge, 2018

Bee Nice, edition print

Gym Special Edition, Hilde Honderud

Constructs, Carl Ander, 2020