Golsa (NO)

Golsa is a Norwegian gallery based in Oslo that was started with the idea of engaging a new audience for contemporary art with a new generation of artists and collectors.

Waldemar Thranes gate 84 C
0175 Oslo

Curated for

For CHART 2022, Golsa will present a group presentation curated by the painter Charlie Roberts. Showcasing works by artists that Roberts considers peers, the selection will include new paintings by: David Risley, Peter Schuyff, Stevie Dix, Trude Viken as well as Charlie Roberts.

Charlie Roberts, Drawing Room, 2022, flashe, graphite, and pastel on linen, 180 x 170 cm

Stevie Dix, Inside, 2022, oil and beeswax on canvas on board, hardwood frame, 100 x 62 cm

Trude Viken, Summer Play, scene 1, 2022, oil on canvas, 180 x 170 cm

David Risley, Untitled, 2022, oil on canvas, 190 x 135 cm

Peter Schuyff, Untitled, 2022, watercolour on paper, paper: 76 x 56 cm, frame: 80 x 59 cm

Stevie Dix (BE)

Stevie Dix's oils on canvas are heavy and thick, composed in a personal language where figures and symbols are metaphors for intimate feelings and, at times, political perspectives. Feeling ‘stuck’ in a small, forgotten, ex-industrial town known outside of Belgium mainly for football, she spent a lot of her days in her mother’s studio learning to sew costumes and draw and paint. By translating introspection into a coming-of-age theme, she aims to hit a universal nerve.

Stevie Dix (b. 1990, Gent; BE) solo exhibitions include Journal Gallery, New York, USA (2022), Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK (2021), L21 Gallery, Mallorca, Spain (2021), and Nevven Gallery, Göteborg, Sweden (2020).


Oil and beeswax on canvas on board, hardwood frame, 100 x 62 cm


Oil and beeswax on canvas on board, hardwood frame, 50 x 60 cm


Trude Viken (NO)

Trude Viken is a ‘colorist’ without restrictions. Her paintings are saturated with swirls of flesh tones, ashy grays, and witchy greens coupled with bright red, orange, yellow, and luminous pinks. The smell of oil paint lingers on and tones, both earthy and unnatural, elicit both eroticism and repulsion. Viken’s work requires an audience for its physicality, a terrain of oil paint. In this way, they are landscapes of weather as unpredictable as mood.

Trude Viken (b. 1969, Oslo; NO) solo exhibitions include Belenius Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (2022), Fortnight Institute, New York, USA (2021), Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway (2021), M + B, Los Angeles, USA (2019).

Summer Play, scene 2

Oil on canvas, 170 x 160 cm

Summer Play, scene 1

Oil on canvas, 180 x 170 cm


Charlie Roberts (US)

The works of Oslo-based American artist Charlie Roberts may feel like looking at the modern world through a distorted looking glass. His works portray young lovers with strange limbs, contemporary novels, and Gucci suits, nevertheless expressing uneasiness with modernity. Working with a range of materials, from paint to clay to carved wood, Roberts’ works consist of a wide range of art-historical and pop-cultural references – stretched and twisted, placed on display. The subject matter, utterly modern, banal, and everyday-like, is at odds with the delicacy of the mediums they are made in.

Roberts (b. 1983, Kansas; US) is educated at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada and Kansas University, USA. His work has been presented at a variety of galleries and institutions in solo exhibitions, among them Woaw (Hong Kong), Galleri Golsa (Oslo), Galleri Magnus Karlsson (Stockholm), David Risley (Copenhagen), Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles), Marlborough Contemporary (London) and Trafo Kunsthall (Asker).

Drawing Room

Flashe, graphite, and pastel on linen, 180 x 170 cm

Attic on the Vineyard

Flashe, graphite, and pastel on linen, 70 x 60 cm


Charlie Roberts, Cosmic Hedge, Installation view at Galleri Golsa, 2019