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In 2018 CHART DESIGN expands to become a new complementary fair and exhibition platform dedicated to rare, unique and collectible design.


On 31 August – 2 September 2018, in conjunction with CHART ART FAIR, CHART DESIGN will present an exclusive selection of the top design galleries from the Nordic region in the beautiful setting of Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.


Focusing on the cross sections between art and design the exhibiting galleries will present a variety of collectible design objects ranging from 20th century modernism to contemporary styles. The exhibitors range from established, specialised galleries to experimental newcomers – all working within the highest level of modern and contemporary design.


CHART DESIGN is not a traditional fair but an innovative, inclusive platform that seeks to challenge the boundaries between exhibition, learning and commerce. CHART DESIGN encourages collaboration, creativity, originality and knowledge-sharing by uniting the leading forces of the Nordic design scene.


CHART DESIGN is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, National Bank’s Jubilee Foundation, Norwegian Crafts and Nordic Culture Point.


Exhibiting galleries are:


Adorno (DK)

Berg Gallery (SE)

Dansk Møbelkunst (DK)

Etage Projects (DK)

Galleri Feldt (DK)

Galleri Format Oslo (NO)

Jacksons (SE)

Køppe Contemporary Objects (DK)

Gallery Lemmetti (FI)


RAM Galleri (NO)

stockholmmodern (SE)





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CURIO 2018
Trans Act!

CURIO is an exhibition concept established to give young Nordic designers and craft makers a platform to show their work in a non-commercial context. In 2018 CURIO takes form as a thematic, curated exhibition, which under the title ‘Trans Act!’ aims to unravel, and critically question, hidden complex structures in the field of design. The exhibition will take place in, and around, the lower exhibition floor at Den Frie and will among others include four new site-specific works by Pernille Pontoppidan, Rune Bering, Jonas Edvard and Ane Fabricius Christiansen.



Rune Bering (DK), Pernille Pontoppidan (DK), Ane Fabricius Christiansen (DK), Jonas Edvard (DK)

Yola Maria Tsolis (NO), Siren Dversnes Dahle (NO), Sigrid Esperlien (NO), Eunju Kang (NO)

Evelina Kollberg (SE), Rasmus Nossbring (SE), Anna Nordström (SE)

Lotta Mattila (FI), Matias Liimatainen (FI)







In 2017 CHART DESIGN was a curated programme entitled WHAT IT IS, WHEN IT IS NOT. The programme included a series of talks, performative lectures and public space projects focusing on the ambiguity of design





Norwegian ceramic artist Lillian Tørlen practice deals with individuals’ perception of and relationship with their surroundings. Through sculpture and installation, Tørlen invites viewers to evaluate space and the form and function of materials. Her site-specific project, Resonance, is an extensive installation consisting of hundreds of porcelain handkerchiefs that have been ‘spread by the wind’ and stuck between brick walls, street lamps and balconies. In this way, Tørlen activates the project route from Copenhagen Contemporary to Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Lillian Tørlen has received support from Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this project. Thank you to: Nordatlantens Brygge, Søfartens Ledere, Café Liva and Copenhagen Contemporary.





Swedish performance duo Goldin+Senneby is a framework for collaboration set up by artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby exploring juridical, financial and spatial constructs through notions of the performative and the virtual.


With the performance ACID MONEY, Goldin+Senneby will engage visitors in a performative lecture exploring the history of “conspiracy magic” together with magician Malin Nilsson and sociologist Théo Bourgeon. The audience is invited to join a trip from cold war brainwashing techniques to contemporary finance magic. This event offers a special opportunity to bring some magic home with you.





Danish designer Hanne G presents her work The Duet in the foyer of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The installation explores the sculptural and aesthetic potentials of textile in a ‘frozen’ form combined with a musical composition principle driven by repetitive, random patterns. This interactive, audiovisual installation engages its audience directly. Built-in sensors detect movement and activate an audio element, producing a ‘song’ that is triggered and shaped by human curiosity, as people approach, move away from and walk around the sculptures.





For the 5th anniversary of the fair, CHART DESIGN invited the textile designer Nina Lolle to reinterpret tote bags produced in 2013 for the first edition of CHART.


Each bag is made by hand, using a foil printing technique developed specifically for the project. By folding the bag, fixing the foil and finally cutting up the folds, a unique, abstract composition reveals itself on top of the old design. A naive and playful process resulting in a bold and colourful design through which the old print peaks out.

The CHART DESIGN 2018 programme is soon to be announced

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The CHART DESIGN 2018 programme is soon to be announced

As part of the curated programme WHAT IT IS, WHEN IT IS NOT, CHART DESIGN presented a talk focusing on ambiguity in design.


Saturday 2 september 16.30 at Design Museum Denmark

International speakers have been invited to discuss the potentials of ambiguity as a conceptual framework for design.




Johanna Agerman Ross: Johanna Agerman Ross is the Curator of Twentieth Century and Contemporary Furniture and Product Design at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Before joining the museum she founded and edited the quarterly design journal Disegno and was an editor of the monthly architecture and design magazine Icon. www.agermanross.co.uk


Peter Lang: Holding a Bachelor in Architecture and a PhD in Italian history and urbanism, Peter Lang is a preeminent historian and theorist in Italian post-war experimental architecture and Radical design. Currently he teaches at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, where he is running a post-graduate architecture and urban research lab. Lang is currently investigating the future of symbolic monuments and public art in contested urban spaces. www.petertlang.net


Marianne Zamecznik: Marianne Zamecznik is a freelance curator and exhibition designer. Since 2015, she is the director of the art festival Oslo Open. Recent projects include the group exhibition To Bee or Not to Be at Galleri F15 and the performance program,”Magic Language /// Game of Whispers” at Revelations in Paris.  Together with Øystein Aasan, she founded ZAMAAS, an exhibition design studio based in Berlin. www.norskkuratorforening.no/marianne-zamecznik/


Lina-Marie Köppen: Lina studied spatial design at the Academy for Fashion & Design (AMD HAMBURG), afterwards she went to do her masters degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Social Design. Right after graduation she co-founded Hello Randomness a platform for critical design and LIMAKO an interdisciplinary design studio. In 2013 she was invited to join the Design Studio at Droog Design in Amsterdam where she work as interdisciplinary designer. Since 2016 She is working at IKEA of Sweden. www.linamariekoeppen.de