Fredrik Paulsen 



Fredrik Paulsen will be presented by Etage Projects at CHART DESIGN 2016.



Why do you design?

Coming from a strong DIY culture I want to find new ways making experimental design more accessible. In my personal work I am interested in the relation between me as the maker, the source of material and the client. My work often deals with the transfer of value in mundane and often overseen materials.



What is good design?

Good design is reflecting our society, pushing boundaries and challenging established norms around us.



What is your ideas behind “Stoned”?

On the basis of a gigantic pile of slags from a stone quarry on Öland, Sweden, I started experimenting to see if I could make something out of the residue. From the slags I extracted the stone dust that is generated when you work with stone, and I came to like the material because of its beautiful colour. Therefore, I chose to work in monochrome and explore the different nuances and structures that occurred when I mixed the stone dust with different kinds of binders. The Stoned collection exhibition consisted of lamps and furniture with a thick, hard layer of stone dust as well as some smaller castings.

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