CHART has invited Merike Estna to reimagine a work she made earlier in 2017 entitled ‘Kneeling banana/angel flew over my head on the 7th floor above the seabed’, painting as a curtain especially for CHART SOCIAL 2017Estna’s performance will serve as the central focus of CHART’s 2017 professional preview on Thursday 31 September. At 8pm when the main fair closes, CHART’s guests will be encouraged to join Merike on and around her painting, an image of which is attached. The painting measures 3m x 5m and will be laid out on a low temporary platform from which Merike will serve cocktails, the performance is called Red Herring (as distraction from the main cause). The drinks are made foggy with dry ice and aim to highlight the way one’s audience can be easily distracted, (especially common practice during art openings) whilst at the same time making reference to the mystical fog that runs through the works of Romantic landscape such as Casper David Friedrich.

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